Cooking: We EAT In THIS HOUSE!

Let’s get one thing straight:

Some eat to live, others live to EAT!

Guess which one I am…

I love cooking. It’s therapeutic.  It’s great for concentration.  It’s great for conversation.

When I’m sitting at the table, cutting vegetables and listening to music, I’m in my happy place.  I especially love using my roaster, Power Pressure Cooker XL and my Air Fryer.  My friends and family love the output and I enjoy the input so I can try newer things or improve on what I’ve already made.

When I was young, my father used to call me in the kitchen and make me cut vegetables, string beef, peel/cut/mash the potatoes, some of everything.  He made me watch him cook and would have me assist my mother.  He told me that one day I might meet a woman that couldn’t cook and I needed to make myself marketable.  What he DIDN’T say (probably because I was too young) was that whether or not a woman CAN cook, she finds a chef with a beard quite sexy!  Yaaay!

I’ll skip the narrative that you would expect me to share, having said that…

So here we are, now that I’m too old to try to impress women, still inventing meals, but for the fun of it.  If I create a winner or modify a pre-existing recipe, making something really fun, I’m sharing it.  In time, you’ll see!

For those that can’t wait, feel free to check me out on  My recipes are under Zoot580.  And maybe, just maybe, I’ll put together an online cooking show, but I promise not to take it, or myself, seriously – so neither should you!

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