That’s Not Why You’re Here

After shaking hands and a few introductory exchanges, I confessed to the automobile salesperson that I wasn’t really there for purposes of purchasing a car.  My true intention was to test drive a Hyundai Santa Fe SUV for the $50 gift card promised in the ad on the dealership’s website.  I did add that a vehicle was somewhere on the horizon but not anytime soon.  I was making initial inquiries for an investment for business use someday, but there would be no signatures on dotted lines and deal-making handshakes.  Not today.

You see, I had just returned the vehicle in question to Avis Car Rental the day before.  I had rented it for a visit to see my mom and siblings in East Chicago.  That rental was what brought the promo to my attention.  I went so far as to suggest that the test drive wasn’t even necessary, since I had driven a similar model for 4 days.  And if he wanted to save himself the time and bypass the formality of it all, we could go straight to the card issuance.

Can’t lie.  It did look smooth as hell in my driveway.

But my story actually begins here, during our 1-hour discussion.  You see, all the talk about the entrepreneur track led to me revealing my desire to leave the general industry workforce and focus on working for myself.  We talked about my Environmental, Safety & Health Training and Consultation company, as well as my photography business.  He shared that his ex was a photographer and that he himself had completed and is publishing his first book.  I replied that I had books “in the works” but was busy with the other ventures.  I admitted that having multiple opportunities made it difficult, if not impossible, to enter any of the proverbial rooms until I walked through at least ONE of the doors.

As he processed the certificate, we talked more about our respective paths.  He told me where he was in his book publishing efforts and its general theme.  Parts of it paralleled my message in a previous blog post. I told him about it and gave him the link and encouraged him to check it out with his significant other.  After touching on the blog post’s subject matter, he strongly suggested that I move forward with my literary dream(s).  I countered that he should read what I wrote first to see if I was truly “author” material in his opinion.  He answered that it was already clear in my articulation of my projects and how I outlined any screenplays that would hopefully materialize as a result.  That remained the topic for the remainder of the conversation.

I was surprised that he had taken such an active interest in my work (to be) as he repeatedly spurred me on to keep at it and finish.  He told me to set a timeline and stick to it with determination.  That I take advantage of idle moments and type a little, here and there, always keeping it fresh in my mind.  He expressed that these were excellent avenues for me to pursue in hopes of creating new streams of income (all the while doing what I seemed to enjoy).  Although I had heard his words before, the  enthusiasm of a complete stranger made me feel unnaturally positive about everything I was doing and what it could create.

He believed in me.  He honestly did.  I had already decided to move forward with it some time ago, but dude came at me like that invisible guardian angel, whispering in my ear.  Better yet, the character, The Architect in “The Matrix Reloaded”.

With respect to his time and since it was close to closing, I told him I was going to head on home (I got the gift card) and thanked him for taking the time to speak with me.  I remarked that it was crazy how my email invitation originally directed me to work with one of his co-workers (who had already left for the day) but by happenstance, I ended up speaking with him of all people.

As he walked me to my car, I chuckled, “Funny how life works out, huh?”

“That’s not why you’re here,” he firmly corrected, “That wasn’t the purpose of our meeting each other. You didn’t come here for a gift card.  You came here to be encouraged to do what you were meant to do.  Fulfill your purpose.  It would be extremely selfish of you to leave this world without sharing your gifts.”

Wow!  In the 2 seconds that it took me to pause and smile in consideration, I experienced 2 minutes of introspect:

He never said that it was “God’s Plan” or “His Design”, so he cleverly left it up to me to interpret.  I could take it that it was God’s way of getting a message to me OR (in case religion wasn’t my thing) it was my destiny and that the stars were almost in alignment.

Dude was smooth with it.  Gotta give it to him.

When I’m ready to buy a car, he’s definitely getting my business…

No matter the reason or source, my purpose for being there was NOT that which I had intended.

He repeated himself as we shook hands, said our goodbyes and I entered my car.

That’s not why you’re here…             …be encouraged.

…and you know what? I WAS!!

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