Popeyes Chicken Sandwich: It’s To DIE For(?)

“Luhhhhvvv that chicken from Popeyyyyyyyes!”

Everybody knows that jingle and most everyone has sung it a time or two just as they sat down to eat it. You’ve done it. Don’t lie. I have too. Hey, it’s catchy.

Now when it comes to their chicken, I love it. I love the seasoning, the texture and, when it’s hot out of the fryer, the moisture. To be fair I like KFC as well. But what sets Popeyes apart from them and all the rest, in my opinion, is their selection of side items. I’m a huge fan of their Cajun Rice and Mashed Potatoes. In addition, they have an awesome promotional: if you take the online survey you receive a code for a free two-piece and a biscuit with the purchase of a large drink. Cool, eh?

Now, all the rage is their new Chicken Sandwich.

And when I say RAGE, I mean it. But before I talk about that term, let me say that this sandwich is delicious, and that ain’t no joke. I’ve had 4 since its debut and honestly would have had 2 or 3 more, if not for the ridiculously long lines. How ridiculous, you ask? Take a look at these pictures I took at two locations on August 23, a few miles away from each other.

In each photo, the last car was almost 3/4 of the way around the restaurant from the order station.

And this was the way at every location; lines wrapped around the building. Inside, the lobbies were just as bad (or good, as Popeyes executive management will happily say during their quarterly Profit Sharing meeting).

Before I go any further, let me make this clear: as much as I like the sandwich, I am not endorsing or promoting their product (as it so blatantly appears). Especially since I ain’t gettin’ paid for this, although I wish I was!  What I’m addressing is the madness that ensues, each day they open their doors.

When this phenomenon first hit, it struck like lightning, quickly traveling by word of mouth, drawing customers in droves! Memes were posted. Twitter trended it. Folks shared “I got mine” photos on FB and IG.

Before anyone knew it, the demand became so large that waiting (in line) prompted people to argue with store employees and other customers. Folks began complaining when the restaurant was closed (on time) and threatening Popeyes personnel when they ran out of product for the night.

And then, public outrage when they stopped selling it, with a promise that the sandwich would “be back soon”.

And now they’re back. Yaaay! Back in business and sadly, people are back in badness.


Reportedly, the altercations have resumed between employees and customers as a result of various circumstances, all supposedly revolving around this sandwich.

If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear somebody invented Crack On A Bun!

By the way, have you seen the clip of the man spouting racial epithets before catching a massive beatdown in the parking lot? And oh yeah, later in the video someone can be seen TAKING his sandwich as he reaps what he has sown. Forgive me for laughing at that part. It was funny.

What’s NOT funny is how awful it’s truly become. Not only have the brawls increased in frequency and severity, but just recently, someone died from a stab wound. Why? Allegedly cutting (no pun intended) someone in line.

So do we blame the sandwich? God, I hope not. But we’d be crazy to think that patience won’t run short when people fall in line for the prized poultry. Sure, curiosity gets the best of all of us when people go on and on about something (Remember the Patti LaBelle Sweet Potato Pie craze after that guy’s YouTube praise video went viral?). Advertising sells and like I mentioned before, “word of mouth” is the best there is. But at the end of day, it’s still pandemonium.

I’ve waited in long lines for many things: college registration, Black Friday sales, concert tickets and so much more. But let me tell you, ain’t nothin’ worth my fists or my life. Especially not food (unless you count MY momma’s Sweet Potato Pie. My sister and I got into a 45-minute shouting match over it once).

Look people, the sandwich ain’t goin’ anywhere. Popeyes knows which side their bun is buttered on. Wait a few weeks, maybe a month or two. Lines will free up and they will move faster. Sooner or later, you’ll git’cho sammich.

In the meantime, swing by KFC and have a leg and a thigh.

Finally and seriously, what you SHOULD do is think about how you can apply that same energy and enthusiasm on election day. People HAVE died for the right to vote (no, I didn’t say privilege, considering the fact that not all of my ascendants were permitted to do so).

Yeah, THAT’S a line you need to be passionate about…

…my name is Kenny, and I approve this message.


  1. “Finally and seriously, what you SHOULD do is think about how you can apply that same energy and enthusiasm on election day”<<That part. Enthusiastically agree!

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