Welcome To My SoundCloud: First Up, “Earth, Wind & Fire” (Ballads)

Let’s switch things up a bit. Time to share some music.

Many of you know my profound love for music, particularly R&B. I was raised listening to R&B, Soul, Funk, Jazz, Rock and Classical music (especially being a young music student). You might also know that I’m particularly fond of Minnie Riperton, Chante Moore, Prince and Luther Vandross. But my favorite “group” of all time is Earth, Wind & Fire!

I don’t care what ingredient you mention when it comes to the recipe of a music group, these guys excel at it ALL: songwriting, singing, music orchestration, synchronicity of a rhythm section, perfect intonation and fluency of a horn section, etc. Under the leadership of the late Maurice White, they ran the table (and in my humble opinion, always will).

I’ve had a SoundCloud account for awhile now, but have rarely used it. I just recently began posting mixes there for a good friend and realized that many more might have fun listening to what I have to share.

EWF has soooo many wonderful hits that I couldn’t possibly contain them all in one mix, so I decided to separate them in the same manner as back when I made mix “tapes” (remember those?). They are as follows:

  • “Earth” (The mid-tempo, laid back grooves)
  • “Wind” (The soft-spirited ballads)
  • “Fire” (The hard-hitting dance tunes)

But enough about that. Time to share my first mix. In addition to EWF, there are cardio mixes, slow jams and dance-able funk mixes for your entertainment. I’ll only keep them up for about a week at a time, so hurry up and check them out.

Click here to access my link to “Earth, Wind & Fire – Wind”.

Enjoy, leave a comment and subscribe for first notification of future posts.

And be ready for that Christmas mix in December!

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