Blog #100: Something To Say…

Here we are. Blog #100! The milestone event. And if I can use a popular song title by the Drifters, “This Magic Moment” is one I’m especially happy to reach…

…and as always, I’ve got Something To Say…

But that ain’t nothin’ new. I’ve ALWAYS had something to say. I laugh at that phrase because that’s what my Aunt Delores told me she loved about me from the start. She said from the moment I was able to put words together, people always got a chuckle when I had “something to say”. God only knows what that was, but hey, it is what it is. I’d deny it, but I can vividly remember our Kindergarten Graduation ceremony when I gave, not only my speech, but chimed in to complete my classmates’ portions when they stammered or had forgotten their lines. I even added some of my my own at the end of it, much to the shock and entertainment of Sister Mary Anne, my parents and the audience (I had to go to Catholic School for my first year because public school wouldn’t take someone who turned 5 AFTER September 5th).

I can even remember squaring off with someone I KNEW would beat the black off of me in a fight. We stood there, in the center of the anxious crowd, face to face, when he said the magic words:

“What? You got something to say?”

I did. So did he…

It’s been that way all of my life. Say what needs to be said, do what needs to be done. I’d tell you some of the things I did in Speech Class, but that’s worthy of its own blog (I’m smiling, reminiscing as I type this). I wondered if that meant that I talked too much, which I did ask my mother, who comfortingly answered that I didn’t. She added that I “just always have something to say – make sure what you say is worth listening to…”

And that’s been my way, always having something to share, but working hard to make sure it was worth the time and attention of my listeners. Hell, even my Meyer’s-Briggs Personality Assessment indicated that I was built for presentation; an ENFP (Extraversion – Intuition – Feeling – Perceiving).

Description: Enthusiastic, spontaneous, creative, optimistic, supportive, playful. Values inspiration, enjoys starting new projects, sees potential in others.

Best suited for a career path in the following positions: Politician, Clergy, Safety Professional.

Now that’s hilarious! My mother and many others often say that I’ve missed my calling of becoming a preacher (and yes, I have spoken at churches, all the while nervously waiting for God to deal with my hypocrisy… …swiftly).

And I definitely don’t want to be a part of the lawmaking process. I’d rather save lives than control them (ooooh, that came out wrong – bah! Who cares?). But guess what? By the time my company paid for my personality assessment, I was 10+ years in as a Safety Director! Go figure…

Blah, blah, blah. Talk for a living. Train for a living. Public speaking for a living. Motivate for a living. Yeah, I’ve been working with small and large groups all of my life.

And YES, I love being a part of the decision-making/implementation process.

And my co-workers love having me too!

I guess it was a no-brainer that I’d take full advantage of Facebook Notes, always having a fun experience to share. As a result, I kept getting suggestions from family and friends that I should start a blog.

Nah, not for me. Pass. Never…

Never say never.

Two blog pages later and 100 tales in and I’m loving what I do. I get to share things designed to Educate, Entertain or Encourage. If you’ve been with me for any reasonable length of time, you’ve read for yourself: Cooking, Photo Journalism, Davis Family Adventures, Listicles (Top 10 Lists), Tributes, Shenanigans/Pranks, African American Commentaries, Personal Health Updates, Music Reviews, Movie Reviews, Church Tales, Retail Re-Tales, Tributes, Safety Tips and sadly, an obituary for a dear, childhood friend.

If you look through my archives, I promise there’ll be plenty to keep you laughing and loving life.

So now that we’re 5 months and 100 blogs in (more than that if you count some of the posts I didn’t transfer over from my first blog page a year ago) what can you expect in the next 100 installments at Kenny’s Camera, Cooking & Crazy Confessions?

Well, more of the same, but that’s a given. But just to keep things interesting, howzabout we add some of the following:

  • Interviews
  • Poetry/Songs
  • Vlogs (Video Blogs/Logs)
  • Training / How To…
  • Works Of Fiction

You like? I like.

Let’s be honest. You don’t have to be here. Your time is precious and you don’t always have to spend it reading. So the least I can do is do my best to make it informative, interesting and fun.

Because I appreciate you being here and I respect your time and attention.

…and I’ve got something to say…

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And don’t forget to leave comments and share with your friends!


  1. Happy 100! I havenโ€™t read all of them, but Iโ€™ve enjoyed all of the ones that I have read. I am looking forward to the next 100.

    PS: As I read, I kept hearing the words… โ€œYo Dre, I got something to say…โ€ in my head. ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜‚

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you “someone” (lol). I’m so glad you’ve been enjoying what I’ve posted so far. Next month is going to kick off hard, being Black History Month. Aee you there…


  3. 100? That’s quite the milestone! Congratulations! I can’t wait for the future blogs.

    And that gif coupled with the picture of you speaking at a church? PRICELESS!!! I’ve been cackling for a minute over that one. ๐Ÿ˜‚

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I’m so glad you enjoyed that gif. The photo was actually taken at a mock church at the Children’s Museum in Indy, years ago.

    I just put my book down to answer your comment. Doing research in preparation for some of my blogs for Black History Month. February is going to be one to remember!

    Thanks again for reading!


  5. As always, I love reading your blog. It’s always a delight to see the world through the eyes of a merry prankster such as yourself and to know that smartypants always stick together.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Unfortunately, my practical jokes don’t always end well, for me, specifically. You’ll find that out in future posts. Doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the planning and execution!

    I do thank you for following and reading. It’s the reason I continue…


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