More, Chante! Moore! MOORE!

Now that the world has been “encouraged” to Stay At Home as scientists and various laboratory technicians scurry to find a vaccine/cure for COVID-19, people have found themselves yearning for methods to make this situation tolerable. Thankfully, music artists have supported this situation by engaging in online solo performances, live mixes and one-on-one “Battle Of The Hits” shows with their peers, for all to enjoy. And now, superstar R&B recording artist Chante Moore has taken it to the next level.

Every Sunday on IG/FB Live, audiences are treated to a weekly concert (and variety show of sorts) via The Chante Moore Show, delightfully referred to as “Ice Cream Sundays”.

It all began on April 12, Easter Sunday, when Chante invited us right into her home where, as she put it, “…great music, lifestyle, family & community meet”. And meet, we did. Over the past 7 weeks, for one hour, long-time fans and new/casual listeners experienced the magic that has enchanted audiences world-wide and given Ms. Moore that staying power above so many others, for oh so many years.

I could dedicate an entire post to the story behind the magic, but I’d only be repeating what you’ve already heard many times over. Today, I’m talking about the here and now: the weekly gift of virtual hangouts as we all enjoy ice cream, healthy food (in her efforts to cater to both sides of the food fence) and sometimes, musical duos!

Performing with sister, LaTendre’.

There’s also been a little family time, a kitchen cooking session and even an interactive workout in her back yard!

And I, for one, couldn’t be happier because each week, it’s nothing but love!

For me, it’s a dream come true, knowing that I no longer have to wait for a guest appearance on a TV show or a BET concert or spot in an awards or tribute show. I don’t have to look for her in a reality show. I don’t have to wait for her to come perform in town so I can make a fool out of myself trying to meet her (which did happen – if you’d like to read the hilariously humiliating 3-part tale, click here for “Meeting Chante Moore: Things Idiots [Meaning Me] Do”). I don’t even have to look for shared video clips of concert performances, even though I do.

Thanks to Chante’s extraordinary talent and wonderful generosity, I can spend time in her home, basking in her voice, staring at her in admiration for a good hour…

…and I don’t even have to worry about being led out in handcuffs or receiving a restraining order (if you read the aforementioned story, you’ll wonder how that hasn’t happened already. My God is a merciful God. Anyway…).

Last Sunday’s show was by far the most beautiful. In fact, it was euphoric. Focusing directly on the theme of “Love”. Chante encouraged viewers to submit questions on the topic, which she addressed eloquently in-between the soul-shaking songs performed during her couch-concert. In addition to familiar hits like “Love’s Taken Over”, “I Want A Love Like That Again” and the episode’s closer “Chante’s Got A Man”, she wowed us with her rendition of “Simply The Best” (most notably performed by Tina Turner) and the song that brought me to tears of peace and healing, the gospel piece/peace, “You Know My Name” (Lord, please speak to her heart and convince her to record it).

Chante performs, “You Know My Name”

And there’s a hidden blessing: like most FB/IG recordings, you can access these shows and enjoy them at a later time in their entirety, in case you missed them.

You can view last week’s show by clicking here if the video above does not show.

So no matter what you do during the week, know that on Sunday, you will find solace, peace and love, resting in the siren song of one of the most beautiful voices in history. That of Chante Moore.

And if you want Moore, I mean more of Moore, come back each week because Sunday, is Chant-day.

…if you’re lucky, you just might get a little MOORE Chante between episodes.

Follow Chante at: Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and be sure to tune in to Instagram/Facebook Live, Sundays at 3 p.m. on the west coast PST and 6 p.m. EST. I’ll see you all there. I’ll be the one unconscious on the floor with my wig lying next to me.

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  1. Thank you, Chante!!! I’m just so happy to be living at a time when I can give tribute to my favorite singer of all time! You do and give so much to so many, I’m honored to be able to reply in kind…


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