Prince (Vol. 2): Purple Madness

Ok, I’m back, as promised, with more Prince hits. This time, I’m giving you a mix of well-known hits, songs from albums that didn’t get radio play and a few tracks you Prince enthusiasts should know.

I changed the release order because people have expressed a huge interest in a monster mix of ballads. As a result, I’ve decided to expand the ballads to a 2-hour mix and save that for Day/Volume 3. You just need to hang on for a few more days (psst – that means Thursday).

Soooooo, let’s get to it, shall we?

[Rememer, there is no system or reasoning behind the selected tracks. It’s just what I felt as I went along. We all know I could make this a 10-day tribute, easily. So don’t expect anything, just receive EVERYTHING…]

(If you have any problems with the link pictured link below, just click here.)

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