Earth, Wind & Fire Music Mix (Volumes 4&5): The Elements (Bonus Mixes)

I warned those folks over and over. You guys KNOW I did. And here we are.

For those of you who have been such loyal followers (and fans of EWF who joined my follow list in curiosity), I’m adding one extra mix for your exclusive enjoyment. You’ve listened to the Earth (mid-tempo) mix, the Wind (ballads) mix and the Fire (dance) mix. How about a hodgepodge of happiness? I’m talking all kinds of musical madness; known and unknown, hits and unreleased. I mean stuff that floored you and me like the time I saw Verdine White levitate on stage.

(Yes, I was taken to the First Aid center)

I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before I write about my admiration and obsession with Earth, Wind & Fire. People have already asked me why haven’t done it by now. Dude, where do I even begin? Maybe next September. Maybe National Music Month. Maybe the anniversary of their Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Induction. Who knows? Maybe this 4-day tribute has been, in itself, a summation of my love for the greatest group ever assembled. Hey! How about a breakdown of my Top 10 EWF Albums? Man, I could go anywhere with this. In the meantime, maybe I should just go to the mix. Yeah, let’s do that…

Before I begin, let me thank you guys for your kind compliments and support of my mixes and my blog page in general.

Ok, so sit back, relax, clean your house, wash the car, go for a drive, reorganize your garage, do whatever you wanna do because I’m about to hit you hard…

Wait. Did I call it a MIX? SURPRISE! I’m giving you TWO mixes totaling three solid hours!!!

Earth, Wind & Fire Music Mix (Volumes 4 & 5): The Elements! (Bonus Mixes)

And I’ll start it all with the first song I ever heard from them: “La La La (Pt. 1)” back when they were called Salty Peppers!

I was hoping that I could embed both mixes, but I guess I can’t. So to eliminate any confusions, I won’ t embed either.

To access Bonus Mix #1, CLICK HERE.

To access Bonus Mix #2, CLICK HERE.

GOD BLESS and thank you for your support…


  1. Yassssss!! I’m going for a mid morning walk. Now I have something to listen to. Thanks for sharing all of this great EWF music since the 21st day of September! ~Sarah

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m flattered that you chose my mix to accompany you on your walk. I hope it was as safe as it was melodious. Thank you for reading!


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