The Moore Chante Show – Ep. 11/01/2020 Recap

Hello and welcome back to another recap of the weekly party that made all of our dreams come true – The Moore Chante Show! This episode aired live on the couch from Casa Moore, yes, she made it back home safely. Now that it’s November, let us hope that all of the Halloween spookiness (hackers, the FB police, internet connectivity issues) is behind us so we can focus on the month of Thankfulness…

…for we have much, by which, to be thankful when it comes to our girl.

One item in particular being her return to touring. And once again, the live posts went up around social media of our girl at her very best at the Hoover Met Complex in Hoover, Alabama. She gave a hearty “thank you” to all who turned up to turn it out with her, and from what I saw, she truly, truly did.

As grateful as she has expressed herself to be, we are equally thankful – equally and a thousand fold. Yes, she’s back on the scene, making personal appearances again. In fact, she’s already got another show already lined up. Dinner Roll (ooops – I mean, “Drum Rollllllll” – God, I’m so hungry right now), Drum Roll, please…

Upcoming Concert Date(s):
Nov. 14-15 – City Winery – Atlanta, GA (Two Shows)

She mentioned that unlike the show Unsung, she doesn’t feel that she is unsung; she feels like there’s more singing to do (AMEN!). In being celebrated as a performer and an individual, she feels better about life and who she is as an artist. She is really excited about her future. She’s grateful that she’s had the career that she’s had and that there is more. She feels that she sings better than she used to, she feels stronger and knows who she is as an artist, a woman, as a person, as an entity.

She’s glad that when she’s gone, her children (and thankfully her fans as well) will have a wealth of music from her body of work to remember her by. In turn, she said we should all say the things we need to say now and not on our deathbeds. Utilize the technological advances to our advantage. Create your memory and legacy for your children today.

She shared her experience on BET Centric’s (now BET Her) “Being Chante where she got the opportunity to visit her old home and see her childhood room which was such a beautiful and emotional experience.

Special Announcement: Chante will be giving away two sets of her custom-made Champagne Flute sets from her “The Rise Of The Phoenix” CD. To qualify, you must be a member of the Patreon page (What do you mean, you haven’t signed up yet? Git ta GITTIN’!). Details to come.

She also shared the joke about the boy (whose body consisted of only a head) who prayed to God daily for a full body until the Lord answered his prayers and granted him the whole shebang (neck, trunk, arms and legs, etc.). In his excitement at waking up to this unexpected blessing, he thanked Jesus, got up and ran outside to play with the other children…

…only to be struck and killed by a speeding car.

The moral of the story? Quit While you’re a-HEAD. Ba-dum-PUMH!

(Ummmm, go to commercial. I said cut to commercial!)

Chante proudly announced that she voted and made one final request that we all do the same, reminding that if you think your vote doesn’t matter, it does. Many of you are too young to have seen the commercial where the woman says, “Why should I vote? MY one vote doesn’t make a difference. Then her face changes to two people, side by side, saying “MY one vote doesn’t make a difference. Then two become four, saying the same thing, then eight, sixteen, etc. When the entire screen has filled with faces, a message displays across all of them saying, “Your one vote DOES make a difference.” Get it? It’s not just your vote. It’s the mentality. You have to vote and change the minds and thought process of others who don’t feel their vote makes a difference.

Chante’s ChanTunes

  • “Real One” by Chante Moore (Ok, when Chante started winding that invisible lasso above her head during this song I dropped my arms to my sides… hoping she would rope me in! Shhh. Don’t tell anyone.)
  • “Song Of Thanksgiving” by The Larry Moore Singers ft. (her mother) Virginia Moore (Such a beautiful, encouraging song that you wish she would record in the studio for her fans. Wait. Hold the phone! As a matter of fact, she IS going to be recording it! I guess it really IS a song of thanksgiving…)
  • Two-Song Medley “Home” from the Motion Picture and Stage Play/Musical “The Wiz” and “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” from the Motion Picture “The Wizard Of Oz” (The former is the song that gave her the inspiration and belief that she had a career in singing. She was right. And once again, even in acapella, she has taken ownership of these songs. Now I can’t listen to them, or any OTHER song for that matter, performed by anyone else, eh-va aginnnn!)
  • “Merry Christmas, Baby” by Johnny Moore’s Three Blazers (You know a song is straight fire when it’s a soulful Christmas tune in a traditional jazz rendition, coupled with the sweet crooning backup of a 50s under-the-streetlight “shoo-wop sh-wop” sound, led by the ballroom swan sound of Lady Chante.)
  • “It’s Alright” by Chante Moore (Every single time that she sings this song, it just feels like she’s cradling you in her arms with her smile, hair and soothing sound caressing your very existence.)

She asked that you continue to hit the “like” button so she knows you attended, spending that time with her and also that you leave a comment on the FB/IG repost pages so she can read and reply accordingly.

In addition, you all are asked to send her your requests on what she can address in next week’s show. She acknowledges that it’s her show, but it’s OUR time together and she wants to know what you’d like to talk about as well!

Final thoughts: We know that it’s called Ice Cream Sundays, but during this episode she enjoyed more of the cake that was gifted to her after the previous night’s concert. So just this once, we’re calling it a Red Velvet Sunday (now I got that doggone taste in my mouth and I’m salivating!).

Her Holiday CD “Christmas Back To You” is available on iTunes for purchase. Get your copy today!

Those of you who participate in the Patreons and are requesting the ChanteGrams, she will not forget you. She will call out to you someday in her own special way.

Speaking personally: Our girl works extra hard during this troubling time in the world to keep us inspired and entertained. Please remember that she’s donating her personal time just to make you smile. And remember that love she gives, when you reciprocate with your own blessings via CashApp, Patreon, ChanteGrams, etc. There is no artist that I can think of that’s doing this…

…and there is no other artist that loves you like she does.

…you gotta make sure you settle your future, now. You may feel that you have peace without Jesus, but Chante admits that she doesn’t. There is no peace – there is no point in LIVING without Jesus in her life and without her living FOR Him…. Chante’s Lesson For The Week

If you’d like to send Chante a monetary gift of love, you can do so on CashApp at $TMCshow.

If you’d like an opportunity to speak with her via Meet & Greet, receive a ChanteGram, etc, you can do so by ordering here.

Finally, you can show your fandom by sporting your “Chantebilia” (official Chante Moore T-Shirts and other products) at PROBLACKONLINE.COM

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  1. Another recap well done! Chanté’s glow and radiance was absolutely captivating (not that it never is, but there was something special about this week)! I love it when Chanté sings “It’s Alright,” there’s a certain comfort and reassurance that comes from that song. Anyhoo, can’t wait to join y’all again next week!

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Great read as always Kenny! Thank you for your love you put into your writing to tell the heart of Chanté so appreciated by the both of you! Thanks with much love!

    Liked by 1 person

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