The Moore Chante Show – Ep. 3/14/2021

…annnnnnnd we’re back to recap another great episode of The Moore Chante Show.

First, I’d like to thank you all for your patience with me posting this week’s recap. As most of you know, I was in a car accident on Monday and have been trying to get it all back together. Still, I had Chante’s music to get me through, as always.

This show took place on March 14th aka 3/14 aka Happy Pi Day! I hope you all enjoyed a good pizza deal: Deep Dish, Detroit Style, New York, etc. Everybody loves pizza, and everybody loves Chante. Ain’t that right, folks?

Riiiiiiiight. Anyway, let’s get on with it.

Sadly, she had to acknowledge (or should I say WARN) that people are still creating fake FB pages and CashApp accounts. Be ye not deceived my friends, there is only one Real One (FB = “Chante Moore Fans“) on each platform. So don’t go giving your time, attention and most important, money to these fake folk.

She gave love to her friends who were celebrating a wedding anniversary, to whom this episode was dedicated. She also gave a shout out to those who are out there making marriages work, sharing that there are many life lessons to be had in that arena, for herself included. The experiences have helped her to realize what she likes, doesn’t like, what she wants in a person, what she doesn’t like and many other wonderful life lessons.

I used to joke around saying, “Marriage is not a word, it’s a SENTENCE.” I thought it was funny until my wife heard it. She didn’t agree.

She reminded us to visit the LinkTree for more information about all things connect to her and her “goings on”. She also wants to know what you’d like to see happen for her Anniversary Episode, so get those suggestions in. Everyone has valuable input. Who knows, she just might use your idea! Wouldn’t that be awesome? But remember, she can’t consider it if you don’t offer it…

This week’s episode, being Grammy Awards night, she hit us with some memorable classics. Thankfully, she blesses us with songs and thoughts every week, among other surprising morsels. But the songs. Dear Lord, the songs. Sang, lady.

Chante’s ChanTunes

  • “Real One” by Chante Moore
  • “Love’s Taken Over” by Chante Moore (Her first solo release from her debut album. Still a classic.)
  • “When I Fall In Love” by Victor Young and Edward Heyman (Even though the first hit version was performed by Doris Day and many remember the classic cover by Natalie and Nat King Cole, once again, Chante sang it – claimed it – owned it.)
  • “The Shadow Of Your Smile” by Johnny Mandel and Paul Frances Webster (No she did NOT just sing my song. If you’re old school, you’ve probably heard Stevie Wonder slay this song. Or maybe the version by Pieces Of A Dream, those of you jazz contemporaries. But once again, I swear this has got to be the most beautiful rendition I’ve ever heard of it. And she wasn’t even in the studio!!! Please record it!!!)
  • “Precious” (acapella snippet) by Chante Moore (I remember how delicately she performed this song from her first CD. It just seemed so soft and beautiful, so “precious”.)
  • “Shower The People” by James Taylor (Listening to her sing a James Taylor classic only cements the fact that she would dominate just about any musical era. I would have loved to listen to her singing soft rock as a child in the early 70s. OMG a duet with her and Minnie Riperton, or singing lead on a song with Fleetwood Mac…)
  • “Saving All My Love For You” by Whitney Houston (I’m still shaking…)

Well, that’s my time and that’s the show. I’m sorry that I couldn’t get it out sooner, but I suppose the important thing is that it’s out. I hope you all enjoyed the recap and I look forward to seeing you all next ChantDay in the live comments of The Moore Chante Show!

…be blessed, my friends and give a little more love!

Airhugs n Out!

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This weekly recap is my personal synopsis of The Moore Chante Show. In my breakdowns, I review the song lists, shared scriptures and her commentary, highlighting the items I feel worthy of reflection and review. Opinions and interpretations of various content are mine and mine only. Any non-show related photos, gifs and or internet links are used at my discretion for entertainment purposes only.

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  1. Glad to know you guys are ok. As always, thanks for the recap. “Shower the People “ was so appropriate for this time. Wonderful message. 💜
    Thanks again. Peace and blessings to you and yours.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Yes, that song was a perfect selection. It fits the time and introduces young listeners to different music. A win-win, as usual.

    Thanks as always for reading!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Better every day. I’m so happy he was insured.
    Don’t have to pay any deductibles to get my car and body fixed! lol

    Thank you always for the love, Megan. You all keep me hoppin’!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. And she gave us another great show! 💥 She even sang one of my favorites Love’s Taken Over! All of her songs are my favorites! 😂 Love it💜 That hat was 🔥😍 Speedy recovery brother Zoot and all be blessed 🙏🏽

    Liked by 2 people

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