The Moore Chante Show – Ep. 3/21/2021

…annnnnnnd we’re back to recap another great episode of The Moore Chante Show.

Chante came in on the heels of what had been “a good day” and it became quite evident in mere moments. Sista-girl was as bubbly as ever, overflowing with that radiance that we’ve grown to know and love. Hey, she was in a giddy mood. We all should be like that.

She noted that she had had a dream that made her feel very excited about her future. One of those, “DANG, I wish that was REAL” dreams. Y’all know about those.

In my dream, I actually GOT my stimulus check. Anyway…

Her dream was so intense that it directly influenced her song selections for the show. Of course, everyone was excited to see (or rather, HEAR) the end result.

She expressed her pure joy in the show, everyone’s attendance and being a part of our lives this first year. As I’ve said in past recaps, this is indicative of a true champion; a consummate performer and awesome personality.

…and let’s not forget, she was in a giddy mood.

She talked about how our belief and faith in concepts like love pays dividends. She encourages us all to speak things into existence, while offering the caveat that not everything is good or right for us.

She shared that Saturday (March 20) marked the first day of Spring, and that the transition could very well have been a contributing factor to her positive energy. She said it just was great to feel the shift of things. But, since that day had already passed, she wished everyone a Happy 2nd Day of Spring. Be positive…

A cause for celebration. But then again, isn’t everything, where she’s concerned? Lucky for us!

Chante’s ChanTunes

  • “I’m Lost Without You” by Robin Thicke (I always liked that song, but now that I’ve heard her sing it, I think I just fell in love with it. I swear I hope she keeps singing until the end of time. I guarantee you she will only get better as the years go by.)
  • “I Wanna Love (Like that Again)” by Chante Moore (Written by her, about her first love. If you’ve been following along since she first came onto the scene, I’m sure you remember how smooth this entire CD sounded back then amidst the evolving music scene. This track was no exception with that sunset calypso feel. I particularly loved her monologue that closed it out, detailing what kind of man she wanted and needed – “…a man who’s not afraid to give himself completely: His love, his body, his mind… …and then I’ll surrender all that I have…” DAYUM.)
  • “What A Fool Believes” by The Doobie Brothers (You guys remember when I said she could dominate any era? Any decade? Do you even doubt? A duet with her and Michael McDonald would be insane!)
  • “Don’t You Know That?” by Luther Vandross (As much as I love Luther Vandross, the greatest male voice in history, it hurts my heart to know that these two never recorded together. It would be the world’s favorite song. I know this. I know that. Don’t you know that?)
  • “Happy” by Pharrell Williams (It’s only fitting that she sang this song, considering the mood she was in. She glows and it shows…)
  • “Joy” by For KING AND COUNTRY (I couldn’t help but smile when the music kicked in for this one. It reminded me of the video of her workin’ it out in her bedroom. I’d add it to my workout playlist but I’m sure y’all want me writing these recaps instead of recovering from a heart attack. I can’t do it like she did. Everybody ain’t able…)
  • “Walking On Sunshine” by Katrina And the Waves (Ok she put that 80s bop on us and only helped to confirm what I just said. My girl was liquid energy during this episode. I guess she must HAVE been walking on sunshine. Ain’t nobody mad atcha sis.)
  • “Fresh Love” by Chante Moore (What a beautiful way to close out this week’s show. Looking at her onscreen as I was rocking in the warm rays of the Eastern Time setting sun through the window… …man, that felt good. Gotta add this to my “Songs For A Sunday Sunset” playlist. Only Chante, baby…)

Chante’s Words Of Wisdom For the Week:
“…there are good things that are good for you. Wait for your best!

That’s about it and that’s my time. Once again, send in your ideas for what she can do for her anniversary episode because we are rapidly approaching the one-year milestone. That’s right, for those 2 or 3 readers who don’t now, Easter Sunday will mark a whole year. Seems like just yesterday that we were all tuning in with wonder and excitement for the inaugural episode.

Wouldn’t you like to be the one to help design that memorable event? Send in those suggestions.

In the meantime, y’all be good. If you’re not feeling it, play you a lil’ Chante and I promise everything will be alright.

See you next week for another fabulous episode of The Moore Chante Show and then right back here for the recap!

…and never forget that Sunday Is Chantday!

Airhugs n Out!

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