The Moore Chante Show – Ep. 3/28/2021

…annnnnnnd we’re back to recap another great episode of The Moore Chante Show.

This episode comes to us on Palm Sunday, the final week before the anniversary episode. That’s right, we are mere days away from celebrating one year of the best, at her very best. This week she came in just as strong as the week prior, loaded with energy and L-O-V-E.

She thanked the viewers and reminded us that we make it worth it; coming to spend our time with her each week. It definitely shows.

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She said that despite the fact that it has been a battle, all week, she is victorious. Regardless of what has transpired or how it’s perceived. Too often we think that we need great things to happen in our lives every day for us to feel that God is blessing us. Know that He is blessing us with the fire!

To each of us, we should remember that the battles are won in the valley. They’re not won on the mountaintop. We want to live on the mountain, but you cannot live on the mountain. You fight in the VALLEY and you win. Your blessings happen in the valley, so stay present in the battle. Prepare for the fight, fight THROUGH the fight.

She may have bumps and bruises, but those scars tell a story. Remember that your testimony comes from your own experiences, not from the accounts of others.

In other news: She noted that as we eagerly await the coming of “the new norm” (post-pandemic society), don’t let the opening up of our nation dissuade you from maintaining safe operating procedures and conditions. In other words, keep your mask on, keep your distance, keep your world sanitized and keep your guard up. Improved, does not mean impervious. Ok? Right?

She encourages that we should be grateful, no matter what – thankfully, there’s so much to be grateful FOR.

Chante’s Inscription Of Inspiration For The Week
Psalm 118:24
(NKJV) 24  This is the day the Lord has made; We will rejoice and be glad in it.

As she mentioned at the start of the show, she is more than a survivor, more than a conqueror. There was and is nothing that they day or situation brings that will affect her choice to enjoy the day.

Chante’s ChanTunes

  • “Let The Praise Begin” by Fred Hammond (Energetic, uplifting way to start the show, asking us if we’re ready for our blessing, for our miracle.)
  • “For My Good” by Todd Galberth (Remember what I said about that positive energy she gives off? Case in point. I listened to her close that out and thought to myself, “Man, that felt good.” ‘Cause it DID.)
  • “Because You Loved Me” by Celine Dion (Only Chante. *sigh*)
  • “Lovely Day” by Bill Withers (This song is on my Happy Times playlist. Hearing it covered by Chante makes it an even lovelier day indeed. And as she ad libbed, “claim it – a lovely day”.)
  • “Be Grateful” by Walter Hawkins ft. Lynete Hawkins Stephens (You know what? If you listened to these songs and didn’t feel the love, around which this show revolved; if you didn’t feel the encouragement, if you didn’t feel the inspiration to “be grateful”, then you had to be in another room and not paying attention to what you heard. This song, her words, this show, exuded wonder and amazement. She couldn’t have concluded with a better song.)

Finally, we offer collective condolences to the family, friends and people whose lives were beautiful and positively impacted by the late Bishop Dallas McKinney.

Lesson/Message For The Day: Jesus was/is God in the flesh and the gift that He gave us was grace and mercy. Remember that on this Palm Sunday.

…with that, we’ll see you next week, which is also Easter Sunday! No one knows what she has in store, but I can guarantee you one thing, you ain’t gonna want to miss it.

…because as always, Sunday Is Chantday!

She didn’t send out Airhugs, but we know she means it in her heart, from her arms to our bodies, every week, every day. What I WILL do is take this moment to share one of her awesome hoodies from ProBlackOnline: The Chante Moore Collection. Get yours today and let the world know…


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This weekly recap is my personal synopsis of The Moore Chante Show. In my breakdowns, I review the song lists, shared scriptures and her commentary, highlighting the items I feel worthy of reflection and review. Opinions and interpretations of various content are mine and mine only. Any non-show related photos, gifs and or internet links are used at my discretion for entertainment purposes only.

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