The Heatwave Music Mix

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m baking these days. If you like the summer, then this is obviously for you, but not me. I can’t take this (expletive). You know what? Just TYPING about it is dehydrating me. You can keep your upper 90s.

Howzabout we cut the chatter and close out African American Music Appreciation Month formerly known as Black Music Month with a music mix from the boys from Heatwave? Sound good? Yeahhhhhhh…

Just thinking about them takes me back to the days of hanging out at the Indiana Dunes in the late 70s with my older cousin as he blasted Heatwave’s “Too Hot To Handle” 8-track in his Cadillac.

So sit back, crank up the AC/fan, grab yourself a tall glass of lemonade (or whatever it is you drink) and enjoy some of the funkiest grooves and awesome ballads from one of the most harmonious ensembles, ever…

If for any reason this mix does not play, click here to go directly to the Soundcloud post.

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