Kenny’s Kitchen: Kickin’ Things With Chicken Wings (National Chicken Wing Day)!

This week, let’s talk about chicken wings! I can only think it appropriate for two reasons:

  1. I haven’t posted much about food over the past two years, although my blog is called, “Kenny’s Camera, Cooking & Crazy Confessions”.
  2. It’s National Chicken Wing Day! Betcha didn’t know they had a day for THAT, did you? Dude, we have a day for everything.

I just want to start by saying, I love wings. I really do. That’s actually kind of funny because the wing is my least favorite part of the chicken, other than the neck (you had to have eaten my grandmother’s cooking to know that she cooked ehhhhhhhvvvvvvery part of the chicken).

Like most people, it became a thing for me in college, in Tallahassee, Florida. If I had to pin it on any one event, it would be the first time I visited Hooter’s restaurant. I had heard so much about it and how delicious the wings were-

Ok, let me be a little more specific (and honest). The felluz had been telling me that the baddest girls from Florida A&M and Florida State were working there in tight white tanktops. Hey, I was a typical male. But somewhere along the way, I went nuts over the medium-flavored and hot wings. I found myself frequenting this spot (eventually for the food) and then branching off to try wings at other food spots.

At first, I was a drummie guy and often paid the extra price to have an order of just that. Nowadays, I find that I love flats just the same.

Over the years, I’ve lost count of all the different flavors I’ve tried at all the restaurants we invaded. But one thing is for sure, my love for these appetizers (or full meals) has not waned one bit. In fact, I found that we could make wings just as good, and in the comfort of our own home!

At first, we purchased frozen wings from grocery stores like Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, GFS and the like. Oftentimes, we’d just set them in the oven to bake. But once our favorite flavors began disappearing from the collections of our favorite brands, we switched to buying or making our own seasonings, and frying them up ourselves.

Sweet Tai Asian Wing Sauce

We went next level when we purchased a pressure cooker. This allowed for us to cook them well enough to slide off the bone! Also, when I bake or pressure cook them, I always add green peppers, red peppers and onions.

Peppers & Onions are always a game-changer.

Sometimes, we amped up our game by transferring them to the broiler and THEN seasoning them.

Korean Red Pepper Sauce

Our third method of cooking came about when we purchased an air fryer, which eliminated the need for cooking oil, all the while creating a texture quite similar to the deep-frying process (the goal here is to get away from all that grease). And of course, we always added the sauce-of-the-evening for the finishing touch.

Sriracha Chili Bourbon Barbecue Sauce (Photo credit: ZootShoot Photography)

So no, I’m not posting any particular recipe because there are so many and we do it in different ways (even on the grill sometimes). Also because the sauces that we use may not be available where you live and shop.

All I can say is, just find a way that works for you. Who knows? If you’re lucky, you might just find some available or something altogether different and amazing.

But remember, wings may not be as plentiful these days because there is currently a chicken wing shortage, nation-wide. And even if you get them from your local pizza joints, chances are, they’ve jacked up the prices.

So good luck to you in your search. In the meantime…

Happy National Chicken Wing Day!
(All photos taken by Kenny Davis. All chicken shared with the family, reluctantly.)

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