(Not So) Happy Holidays: Check On Your Friends

While packing food away after our return trip from Thanksgiving dinner at my oldest son’s place, I received a local news alert. I waited until we were finished and settled in before checking my phone:

“U.S. 33 Reopens After Fatal Crash”

Someone lost their life today, on Thanksgiving.

For the survivors, this holiday will never be the same; this holiday will likely be associated with the pain of losing a loved one, forever.

You know, I often think about the many people that suffer through depression at this time of year for a myriad of reasons: unemployment, sickness, aging, heartbreak, financial struggles, and yes, death.

When I think of death, I frown because it’s the absolute worst.

For most, it comes without warning and often in the blink of an eye. It’s not like continuing issues in our lives like trying to find money to catch up on ever-increasing bills. In one moment, we go from extreme joy and laughter to shock and utter devastation. We learn that we will never see that special someone, ever again.

There is much I can and would like to say about this topic, but I think I’ll keep it brief and to the point. So please, remember:

As much as we have, for which to be thankful…
As wonderful as it is to visit and receive guests during this holiday season…
As beautiful as the meals, gifts and holiday lights are, with all that they represent…

Never forget that this season does not have the same significance for everyone.

Many are working their way through a very difficult time.

Some we know. Some we don’t.

So as we continue through this holiday season, from Thanksgiving to Christmas to New Year (and any other holidays we celebrate, if any at all) – think about your family and friends.

Check on your family. Check on your friends.

Tell them that you love them.
Tell them that you’re thinking of them.
Tell them that you’re here for them.

Know that a simple call or text from you could make a world of difference to someone silently crying out.

God bless and know that I love you. I’m thinking of you…

…and I’m here for you.

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