The Machine Rebellion: And How Was YOUR July?

I know you all have been wondering where I’ve been with the blogs this past month. I regret that I looked up one day and noticed that it had been several weeks and for that I apologize.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I usually average 1-2 blogs a week and sometimes, when writing a series, as many as 5 or 6 in a 7-day period.

This summer has been a mess and although I won’t use it as an excuse, I will say that it’s been a whirlwind of madness and I’m glad to see it coming to a close soon.

First, my job assignment ended and won’t start back up until late September. Goodbye income!

Then the back problems got worse, so no field photography. To be honest, I never truly recovered from that car accident.

Enter the Machine Rebellion:

It began with my smart phone doing things I didn’t tell it to do. Then my tablet began disobeying orders as it continues to take longer and longer to boot up.

Then the ceiling fan in my home office finally decided to die on me. It’s old, but the timing is all wrong.

Then there was an explosion of steam under the hood of the van while we were driving home from the store. Yup, severe radiator damage. Cha-ching.

Then the oven went down while we were cooking. Cha-ching.

Then I received an email from Best Buy stating that there had been a recall on Air Fryers. Yup, the one I owned.

Then the water heater died. I don’t mind taking cold showers when it’s voluntary, but DAYUM…

Then the dryer died. Wait? Didn’t you just get through repairing the washing machine?

Then my portable hard drive died without warning. I lost quite a bit of valuable data and, if I’m to recover it, could end up taking it to the Geek Squad or some other over-priced service.

And it wouldn’t be fair to just lose two cooking appliances, would it?

Blam! Down goes the microwave / convection oven (which we had been using for baking until such time as when we could replace the oven). Yes, it’s beyond reasonable repair.

And last week I had to stop at the auto repair shop to have them take a look at the source of the weird sound by the front tires. Thank God they just crawled under and fixed it, free of charge. I wish they had fixed my air conditioner in the mini-van before I made that 12-hour round trip to East Chicago in during the heatwave.

But it hasn’t been all bad. I’ve been working on two projects that I’ve been eager to share but am unable to at this time. Trust me though, you’ll know soon enough. And there’s a third just waiting to begin!

At the end of all things, whether good or bad, it’s been quite the busy season for me. I had blogs scheduled to post automatically, but current events have rendered them inappropriate for the moment. Like the funny article I wrote about Jada Pinkett and the roles she always seems to accept. Can’t do that right now. Her husband walked onstage and did something really bad on international television to defend her.

I also wrote an article that could be misconstrued as a light-hearted look at random shooters. Again, bad timing. But then again, will there ever be a GOOD time?

So I put those items on hold, among others.

Before I knew it, one week became two and so forth and so on. I was considering taking a one or two-month hiatus for personal reasons, but it happened anyway. Despite the fact that I couldn’t’ really take ‘personal’ time off, so look for that sometime in the near future.

But I’m alright. I really am. Life is doing its thing and I’m rolling with the punches.

And I’ll be back next month with the madness. I promise. Assuming I survive this heat. As long as I stay out of my minivan…

So, how was YOUR July?

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  1. Oh gosh. Now I really wish I won that MM. You would’ve been one of the first on the list……😁 (hope that made you smile)
    Glad to know you’re ok and “welcome back.”

    Liked by 1 person

  2. LOL thank you. We built this house 20 years ago, so we’ve had to repair and replace quite a bit. It’s just crazy that the machines went wild all in one summer, and it ain’t over yet. I forgot to add the fact that the water heater went out as well! I edited my blog to include it.

    Thank you for reading!


  3. HA! I feel like Berry Gordy, getting all of these folks to start blogging. That would make you Michael Jackson because you’re about to take over WordPress!


  4. LOL It’s a shame you don’t include “off topic” posts. I just wrote a blog titled, “My 15 Favorite Sports Movies”. Trying to decide if I want to post it soon or next year before the ESPYs.

    Would love to see your Top 10 in that category.

    Maybe you can do it as a Prologue or Epilogue to one of your posts.


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