Hi! My Name Is…

My name is Kenny (or “Zoot” in my Florida A&M University alumni and musician circles).

I’m a photographer, musician, songwriter, soon-to-be author (fingers crossed), part-time wannabe chef, full-time father and life-long practical joker (so you’ve been warned).

I’m new to this particular blog spot (since August, 2019), but have been blogging since December, 2018 at Zoot580.blogspot.com, which I’m phasing out because this site is better equipped to suit my needs.

Originally from East Chicago, I now live in Reynoldsburg (Columbus), Ohio. I’m a former Safety, Environmental & Health Director of 25 years, hoping to enjoy life through photography, writing, providing occupational safety consultation & training, helping families/kids in the community and shooting everything in sight (relax, I’m talking photography, remember?).

Baker Park, Frederick, Maryland

I’ve also dusted off my sax and am forming an R&B/Funk group with a bunch of guys wanting to get back to what we all have enjoyed over the years, real music (coming soon, “Funk Preservation Society”).

I love sports (supporting all Chicago teams and FAMU) and music of all genres, especially jazz and R&B (I am Old School). My favorites: Earth, Wind & Fire, Luther Vandross and Chante’ Moore!

R&B Recording Artist Chante’ Moore (check her out)

When it comes to eating, I am a certified carnivore. My weaknesses are Tamales (beef/pork/chicken), Chicago-Style Deep Dish Pizza and Chili. I don’t drink, but I’ll chug a root beer like no one’s business. I love cooking and creating new, delicious dishes that have absolutely ZERO nutritional value, but I’m working on that (link to some of my recipes at the bottom). I love cooking because I love eating. Consequently, because I love eating, I HAVE to love the gym so I don’t lose the battle with gravity.

Crockpot Pizza Casserole

I talk a lot, but I think even more. I have no problem being the life of the party, but I’m just as content disappearing in your corner chair, carefully observing everyone in the room. I’m quick to analyze a movie (I watch the end credits, so when you’re with me, don’t question why we haven’t left the theater yet!) and I love talking philosophy. I do listen intently and if you want my advice, I’ll give it. No guarantees that it will be worth anything though.

I love God and family like you can’t imagine. I was raised in a loving, close-knit crew and grew up to create one of my own. I’ve been researching my family history for over 10 years and have identified over 1,000 people in my family tree. I’ve also recently discovered that my roots began in Cameroon, Africa and neighboring countries. I love traveling and have my heart set on visiting there as well as Ghana; but first, Uganda (my favorite country). I hope to learn all that I can about my history, all the while experiencing the things I’ve blogged about in the recent past (you’ll see).

More than anything, when it comes to family, I’m quick to embrace my 4 boys (aka the Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse) and all of their friends. So in actuality, my wife and I have 40+ kids.

Now, what will I be talking about in my blog corner?
More than anything, you’ll get samples of my photography, cooking, pranks, thought-provoking editorials and crazy stories from my college & high school days. You know what? While I’m at it, I might as well include Jr. High and Elementary school because my mischief has been life-long. I’ll sprinkle in some poetry and songs and maybe some short tales of fiction, every now and then. You’ll also get some of my work shenanigans and misadventures out in the world (be especially on the lookout for my Top 10 lists, “Retail Re-Tales” and “…and Now, Another Message From Us Grown Folk” posts).

That being said, I hope you follow/subscribe, provide feedback and share for others to enjoy.

You can reach out me ZootsBlogSpot@gmail.com or KDPhoto580@hotmail.com (if you need a photographer in the Greater Columbus area, but I am open to travel).

You can also join me on social media:

Big Oven (for my recipes)
ZootShoot Photography (my photography page)

Let’s get to know one-another.

But remember, I AM crazy… …consider yourselves warned.


  1. Great stuff Kenny! I enjoyed reading about you. It sounds like quite an interesting life you have. I write about Chicago sports so you might enjoy reading my posts as well. Thanks and good luck. Reid “Dutch Lion”

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  2. Definitely following you with great interest. I put a weekly Tailgate recipe up so hopefully you’ll have some of my meaty madness on your plate as you watch and critique the next Bears game.

    Today is my Oven Baked Taco recipe. Last week, Crockpot Pizza Casserole. I appreciate the follow and the opportunity to get to know you!

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  3. Kenny, I work in Radiation Safety, so been to 1000 hospital safety meetings, closing in on retirement very soon. David he works in Automotive in Robotics. We also love food of all kinds, especially crock pot dinners and our family is based in God and his word. Looking forward to following you along!

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  4. Decided to come over and learn a little bit about you 🙂 I’m not huge on jazz, but I love some old school R&B. Motown was awesome!

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  5. If you look at any if my blogs, you’ll see that this is all a tribute to April Fool’s Month. I’m currently blogging about my practical jokes that backfired.

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  6. Hey, Kenny! I’m finally on here and wanted to tell you that my sides are hurting because of reading your Chanté Moore stories. They’re hilarious! Anyway, I just had to comment and tell you how much I admire you and your writing. A long time has passed since our days back in East Chicago, growing up around the same circles. I, too, am writing. Please don’t give up writing. You are truly talented, my brother. I don’t have a blog, which I should seriously think of doing. Anyway, I miss and love you, dear childhood friend and brother. God bless you. Keep keeping on. Hugs! 🫂

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  7. First of all, thank you very much for reading. I know you can be doing anything else, so to know you’re spending part of your time here is a blessing to me. Feel free to look around my blog and/or sign up for the email list. There are so many wild stories from college, high school and our childhood days – I’m gonna keep you tripping on the memories.

    Second, I’m so glad you enjoyed the Chanté Moore stories. I still have the audio recording of the day she contacted me, telling me how much she laughed, which made it all worth it. Still, I place equal value in knowing everyone else does as well.

    Third, yes, you absolutely need to start a blog. I’ll be your first follower. If you’re seriously interested, please let me know. I’d be honored to help in any way that I can.

    Finally, I love you just as much and miss you too, dear friend. I need to make it a point to catch up when you and I have time. Thinking of you always makes me smile!

    Thanks again for dropping by and leaving some love!


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