Zoot’s Quarantunes: Classic & Soft Rock Mix (Vol. 3)

And now for the 3rd and final Classic & Soft Rock Mix. I hope you all enjoyed Volume 1 (no longer available – each mix will be posted for about two weeks) and Volume 2 of my Quarantunes Classic & Soft Rock Music Mix collection. This one will include some tunes from the 80s (per request).

So if you’re ready, click below, sit back and enjoy!

And don’t forget, these tunes will only be up for a week (or so) at a time, before I replace them with a newer mix. So be sure to share this link with your friends, sign up for email notification of future posts at the bottom and leave a comment, telling me what you thought. I love making them and I want to know that you’re having a good time as well!

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