The Michael Jackson / Jackson 5 Music Mix (Day 1 of 3)

In preparation for the birthday celebration and remembrance of the legend that is

Michael Jackson aka the “King Of Pop” aka Miiiiiiichaelllllll!!!

…howzabout a little music to take you away from the troubles of the day?

You in? Good! For the next 3 days, I will take you on a trip down memory lane with some Jackson 5 / The Jacksons / J5 / MJ / Michael Jackson classics (and a few you may not have heard, but will most certainly enjoy). All you have to do is hit “play”, sit back and enjoy.

Be sure to tune in tomorrow for Part 2. And if you haven’t already, sign up at the bottom for instant email notification of the continuance of this party and so much more…

But enough of that. Let’s begin, shall we?

(If you have trouble playing it, click here)


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