Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner? Chante Moore, Plus 1 (or 2, or 15, or 40…)

Well folks, it’s time for us to put on some presentable clothes because we’ve got guests for dinner. So set the table for, yes, my all-time favorite singer, Chante Moore!

And oh, bring out a few dozen or hundred (hopefully, THOUSAND) extra chairs and dinner plates because her fans will be directed here to read the weekly recap of her Sunday podcast (for an overview of her inaugural episodes, check out my post “More Chante! Moore, MOORE!” if you haven’t already read it).

This opportunity has been months in the making and believe me, it was torture, not being able to share the exciting news with the world.

It all began with the “Meeting Chante Moore” 3-part series that I wrote almost two years ago (you recently read Part 4, which posted earlier this month). I tagged her on Instagram a few times and she eventually saw and read the stories. I was floored when she contacted me, extending her praise, sharing how much she enjoyed them. As a result, she’s given me the honor of covering her Ice Cream Sundays show formally known as “The Moore Chante Show” on a weekly basis!!!

It gets even crazier because just two weeks ago, the Administrators of the Facebook public group CHANTE MOORE (THE BADDEST SISTA IN R&B/SOUL) contacted me and invited me to join the administration team, not long after her own fan page changed my membership status to both “Top Fan” and “Visual Storyteller”. I tell you, in the world of Chante, all is beautiful.

Since my status change and recent blog announcement on social media, I’ve seen a sudden increase in friend request activity as well as here at Kenny’s Camera, Cooking & Confessions. Yeah, the guests are already arriving.

So here we are, all set to begin and I am bubbling over with joy and excitement! But that goes without saying.

What will you find in the weekly review? A synopsis of the show including featured songs, inspirational thoughts, catchphrases, advice, updates and general info, as provided.

What does that mean for you? In a way, it will be business as usual. I will continue to post my regular shenanigans for your information and entertainment, but with respect and acknowledgement of any/all CM fans who happen upon our regular posts, I’ll need to behave – a bit – it’s still Kenny’s Camera, Cooking & CRAZY Confessions. In time and with proven success (fingers crossed), the CM review page may branch off to its own location. But for now, we’ll all be eating at the same dinner table. With any luck, some of you will better appreciate and hopefully become avid fans of the woman I’ve referenced in 17 separate posts since this all began (yeah, I just searched and found that out. Ahhhh, the life of a avid fan…).

So really, nothing changes, unless you count that lady taking charge of my kitchen once a week. And I’m completely cool with that…

Otherwise, it’s just another log in the fire, which should be a lot of fun!

…and trust me, I’ve got a great deal of madness already written and waiting in queue for you suckas!

Love y’all and thank you, as always, for your continued support!


…and be sure to log on to FB/IG Live every Sunday because Sunday Is Chantday!

If you’re not already on the email list, sign up at the bottom for first notification of each and every post. That way, you’ll never miss it cause no matter what happens on the site, it will be resting safely in your email!


  1. Absolutely phenomenal!! I’m reading this and grinning like a Cheshire Cat even though you’ve already shared some of the deets on my post. Congrats and I’m still sending good vibes that it will blossom into something even more grand. “To the moon, wig, to the moon!!!” 😂😂

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