Earth, Wind & Fire 3-Day Music Mix (Vol. 2): Wind

Promise made, promise kept! I’m back for Part 2 of the 3-day Earth, Wind & Fire Music Mix.

Did you all enjoy Part 1: Earth (the mid-tempo grooves)? If you love The Elements like I do, it’s hard to find a song that you won’t like, or love. “Let me show you, mannnnn…” Maurice White voice.

Today’s mix is called “Wind” (the ballads). Yeahhh, baby. It’s time to turn off the lights, grab that special someone and sway to the softness or just sit back and chill while Maurice hits you with that gospel-strong tenor and Philip lifts you higher than ever with that sweet, siren-like falsetto.

You ready? Hell, I made this mix and I’m ready to listen again!

Remember, if you have any trouble accessing the music from the embedded Soundcloud file below, you can always click the link here to go directly to the site.

Awwww, baby. I can already hear the wind in the distance. Roll down or open your window and let your hair (and your mind) blow in the Wind…

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