The Moore Chante Show – Ep. 11/08/2020 Recap

It’s ChantDay and yes, now that the votes are in and everything’s been counted (correctly) – it’s a NEW day! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, your phone and electricity service must have been recently reactivated (git’cho bills in order). We’ve got a new President Elect and Vice-President Elect in Joe Biden and Kamala Harris! So I don’t even need to mention how our girl Chante opened the show now, DO I? In celebration and with the perfect song: “Love’s Taken Over” – An excellent song with which to kick off the show because now that we have an upcoming change in administration, the dissemination of hate can end. Love’s taken over, baby…

She said that she feels optimistic about our future. Things can always get better no matter what, if we keep trying, making sure we keep doing our best.

She suggested to the listeners that the ChanteGrams would be a great Christmas present. In fact, she’s going to call them… …waaaaaait foooor it… …You Ready?…


So get those orders in now. I have nooooooo problem saying how in love I am with her sound in all things and thankfully, Holiday music. I’m going back to when I first heard her perform “Christmas Morn”. She was MADE for Christmas Carols. Can you imagine how glorious your season would be with a song from Lady Chante? Dude…

She talked briefly about how she loves making people laugh and always has, just as she did her family, growing up. If you haven’t chuckled at her sense of humor, something is really wrong with you. Me personally, I love the Transylvanian accent. She can turn me into a vampire a-ny-DAY! (*looks around for wife*).

She also loves people who are thoughtful of others and courteous. It seems to be a lost trait nowadays, so when you see it, it’s a beautiful thing. She was reminded of that when she received a heartfelt hug from a friend. The beautiful act unexpectedly made her cry. That’s just how impactful the simplest gestures can be.

Upcoming Concert Dates:
Nov. 14-15 – City WineryAtlanta, GA (Shows will be streamed live.)

She shared a story about the time her gardener came over to prune the fig tree in her back yard. During the process, he pulled down a good amount of very large branches, almost stripping it bare…

She wants us to understand that just as the branches grow back each year, the Restoration process is any amazing thing. Pruning hurts when the excess – the old stuff – gets cut off (when you feel yourself growing up). It hurts, but it’s necessary. When the Santa Anna winds came and blew her bubble (used to encapsulate her, protecting her from mosquitos, bugs, etc) was blown away and into the next door neighbor’s area. During this moment, the chair fell over and popped her bubble as it made contact with it. It made her think about how (with all of the depressing current events) just as it blew each piece away, it blew her peace away. Life is like that. She had to restore her backyard after the storm, realizing how her perspective of the cleanup process got really real to/for her. She concluded that if SHE can put it back together and make it right, make it clean again… …think of how much more GOD can do! She is just a hammer for God to use. We are the hosts. We are the vessels for God to use. We are His instruments.

She wants to be used for His purpose. That’s what she lives for.

She promises to post more for The iMOOREtals, so remember to sign up, y’all. Special treats a’comin (for members only…) and remember, she sees you…


Reminder: Please remember to repost your comments AFTER the show because she can’t see them. Instagram doesn’t save them anymore for her to access and reply

Chante’s ChanTunes

  • “Love’s Taken Over” by Chante Moore (Like I mentioned earlier, with the change in administration, it’s evident that love HAS taken over!)
  • “As If We Never Met” (acapella) by Chante Moore (Even if we were all in the house with Chante, I think it’s safe to say we’d have been just as silent, watching and listening in awe. Where did she get that VOICE?!?.)
  • “For You” (acapella snippet) by Kenny Lattimore (A little treat, sung for us.)
  • “Please Come Home For Christmas” by Chante Moore (Dedicated to anyone waiting on someone to come home.)
  • “If It Makes You Happy” by Sheryl Crow (I need a droptop so I can cruise into the sunset with Chante in the passenger’s seat, singing this song at the top of her lungs. Yeah, some songs make you see things like that. Anybody got a convertible they want to lend us?)
  • “This Is What We Live For” by Big Daddy Weave (Chante said that she would rather GIVE to people than have things taken from her.)
  • “It’s Alright” (acapella) by Chante Moore (People often say that God designed their significant other just for them. I feel the same way about this song and Chante singing it. This song was envisioned the day she was born and put into form the moment she breathed life into it.)

Chante’s Message For The Week: Give each other a hug. Give each other love.

And Remember…

Don’t forget to give a hug to somebody that you KNOW is Covid-free.

See you next week and remember, Sunday Is ChantDay!

If you’d like to send Chante a monetary gift of love, you can do so on CashApp at $TMCshow.

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