200 Blog Posts, 60 Countries And Counting!

Yes, you read that correctly. One month shy of two years, we are at Blog Post #200! Two hundred blog posts that have been read in over 60 COUNTRIES! I’m trying to wrap my mind around the fact that my work has been read around the world! That and the fact that I’ve typed enough blog content in my entries to have written a book in itself. TWO for that matter.

I thought about what I’ve written, who I’m writing to/for and why I do it. As expected, the reasons I got into it are not the reasons I continue, but that’s ok. Seasons change. Reasons change.

I thought about my original audience. I thought about the new followers: people who don’t know me from social media or other walks of life who have either happened upon my blog, found it through searches or via recommendation. I thought about the interests and requests for particular subjects.

What’s amazing is that even the newer faces have expressed general interested in what’s on my mind, about my world and life in general. I can’t help but be thankful that you all still let me share as I do.

And then there’s the audience I’ve gained after having been commissioned by multi-award winning recording artist Chante Moore to recap her weekly show, The Moore Chante Show (Thank you, Chante! It’s a pleasure to call you “friend” as well!).

I thought about how people told me how much I’ve made them laugh and cry, or educated them, enlightened them, encouraged them or shocked the hell out of them.

The people. The people.

That’s who I’ve been doing it for – myself and the people.

That’s what makes it all worthwhile, the personal therapy I get when life gets tough and I feel it couldn’t get any lower… …and the thought that each entry makes someone else’s day.

You know what’s really cool? Not only are there people who tell me they never miss a post, despite the nature and content, but some new followers have claimed to be so intrigued that they actually went back to the very FIRST post and read every single one to get caught up! Now THAT is flattering. I asked one of those readers why she decided to do that and she told me that as time passes, I will have gained thousands of followers and written hundreds of stories – the followers I get years from now will never know how good all of my stuff is because they will have missed it. She wasn’t going to be one of them. She said it’s “like Netflix stories in black and white print”.

Well, I’ll never say I’m THAT good, but I take pride in knowing I give her/you something other than what you’re used to. I think that’s what works for me: Not being the best, just unique. Giving you better than what you expect and something incredibly different.

Funny, I planned on keeping this to 2 or 3 paragraphs, but you all know me well enough by now.

So what’s my next goal? Well, writing 300 posts is bound to happen sooner or later. I want something challenging. I’m shooting for a reading/viewing audience of 150 countries by the end of 2021! Yeah, I know that’s a stretch, but hopefully between the content and word of mouth (maybe even hashtagging a few applicable countries) I just might make it. Who knows? Anything is possible. If nothing else, it’s gonna be fun trying.

So to those of you who have read, helped with ideas for posts, referred others and have replied with love and praise, I thank each and every one of you. I enjoy what I do and have no intentions of stopping.

Unfortunately my ability to reach others has been hampered by Facebook and Instagram because of their inadvertent flagging of my pages and not having corrected them (despite a YEAR of letters sent to them with no response). As a result, many of you have to be routed through Tumbler just to get here. For that I’m sorry. I could change the domain name, but I like ZootsBlogSpot too damn much to change it now. To make things easier, I may post a Linktree or Flowpage to make my posts easier accessible (for IG/FB). Probably feature 5-8 blogs betwen the most recent 2-3 and some posts of interest.

In the meantime, thank you. Thank you all for your patience and support.

To close it out, I’d like to share a “Best Of” for all, particularly those who may not have seen them. Links to 20 of the 200 posts I’ve written. 20 of the most read or best received in terms of feedback. If you’ve read them, you can catch the rerun and if you haven’t, get in a new laugh or “wow” moment because you couldn’t believe I wrote that. Cause i did.

So here they are, in no particular order, 20 Memorable Moments:

God bless and see you next time – I mean, POST – here at ZootsBlogSpot aka Kenny’s Camera, Kitchen & Crazy Confessions! And don’t forget to sign up for email notification at the bottom of this post, so you never miss a moment of my madness…

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