The Moore Chante Show – Ep. 11/29/2020 Recap

…annnnnd now, it’s time for the final November recap of The Moore Chante Show – the only place you can go for a little chitchat about what happened in the most recent episode, starring our girl, Lady Chante Moore!

Chante kicked it off reminding us to check out the Soul Train Awards, at which she would be performing with Shanice, Stokely Williams, PJ Morton, Erykah Badu and Cypher! (Since it’s now Tuesday, you all should have seen it by now. If you haven’t, swing by her FB/IG page for her incredible performance.

Breaking News
Chante will be collaborating with Stokley Williams in a future project! And from what I inferred, Shanice as well!

Chante’s question: What’s y’alls favorite food (Post-Thanksgiving talk)?
My Answer: Anything that don’t move on mah plate!

In addition to the Chantegrams, she is now on Cameo (personalized video service). It would be an awesome Christmas gift for someone whom you feel deserves the very best, so place your orders NOW.

Reminder to get your ChanT-shirts on ProBlack Online.

She said this is the time to create; when The Creative Get Creative. Take advantage of this time and perfect your craft. Do what you love.

Coming in 2021 – Chante will be Giving You What I Got (a new installment by Chante Moore), information to answer many of your questions. More info coming.

She shared that music puts her in a mood, which she uses to comfort her in those trouble times, something we all should do. One particular genre that works for her is Gospel.

She reminded us that when we cry, don’t forget that those tears don’t last always. Don’t let it linger, don’t let a blanket of sadness envelop you. Hang in there, friends. If you’re going through things and you feel like it’s too much for you, exhale – you can handle it.

Don’t forget, if you’re interested in the “Love Supreme” album poster, put “POSTER” on your CashApp with $40.

She will be sending out all of the Christmas CDs this week. If you haven’t heard it or ordered it, believe me, you’re depriving yourself of joy. Pure joy.

She gave a special shoutout to the great Tina Turner who’s still doing it strong after all these years. Chante was blessed to honor her alongside Stephanie Mills and Karyn White during the 1993 Essence Awards with her hit song, “We Don’t Need Another Hero”.

Chante’s ChanTunes

Today’s episode was brought to you from Chante’s private little corner, rockin’ that Mrs. Claus – Red and matching glasses; a perfect transition into the Christmas season, representing her Christmas Spirit…

  • “This Christmas” by Donny Hathaway (We all have our favorite versions of this song and Donny Hathaway’s is the most memorable. That being said, even with the laughs incorporated into her performance, this just became my favorite version. Only Chante can do that. Only Chante.)
  • This Time” by Chante Moore (Ooooooh, that recycling energy in the bass line makes me “wind it up” every single time I listen. Another classic.)
  • “I Want You” by Marvin Gaye (Ok, the missing Beat 4 in conjunction with the groove made for one incredible Calypso-Jazzy-Island-Junk groove. And then. And then? And THEN, Chante’s rich caress of the verses. DAYUM. She did Marvin JUSTICE, baby. ChanTrivia: Marvin Gaye was discovered by Frankie Beverly.)
  • “Joy To The World” (acapella) by Issac Watts (I think someone in the comments made this request. Either that or she was in the Christmas Spirit and it just hit when it hit.)
  • “Don’t Cry” by Seal (I think it’s cute that she mentioned seeing Seal on a plane and wanted to crawl over the seat to sit and talk to him. We all have our heroes.)
  • Oh Holy Night” by Adolphe Adam (The first song she ever performed, dressed as an angel at church. She said she was petrified at the time, yet somehow I think it was beautiful, knowing Chante. You know what? I’d love to hear her sing Gerald Alston’s gospel version of it from the Motown Christmas album. Did you hear/read that, Chante? That version on the Hammond organ and choir with your soul-stirring voice… wow.)
  • Killing Me Softly by Roberta Flack (Another song for those moments when she’s in the mood. I’m so glad I couldn’t be in the house with all the viewers/listeners as she sang it. I can just hear half of y’all: “Strumming my pain with his fingers – ONE timmmmme… …TWO timmmmes…)
  • “We Don’t Need Another Hero” by Tina Turner (Someone once asked me what she meant when Tina mentioned “Thunderdome” in the song. For you youngsters, that’s from the original Mad Max series. Specifically, “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome”. This is the theme song from the 1985 motion picture soundtrack. Tina Turner played lead antagonist “Aunty Entity”.)
  • Where You Want Me” by Chante Moore (I’m soooo glad we’ve still got Chante Moore to preserve the essence of real music. I feel that music has devolved considerably over the past years. Thank God SHE hasn’t. She is truly the “Real One”. Sang, girl.)
  • “Christmas Time In L.A.” by Chante Moore (I DARE you to find a funkier highway head-bopping, cruising groove at Christmas time. Just don’t do it if you’re outside of California or the deep south. I’m in Ohio and we’ve already got a Level One Snow Emergency. Keep BOTH hands on the wheel and let your PASSENGERS sing.)

Chante’s Lesson For The Week: If you feel like letting go, don’t. Wrap that proverbial rope around yourself and hold on tight.

She closed out by reminding us that she prays for each and every one of us. So know that you are loved, people. She then gave a special treat after the show’s ending and read through a series of comments and addressed them personally.

Now that’s love…

Be blessed and be safe. I’ll see you next Chantday and then right back here for another recap!

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  1. As always, another great read and another great live from Chanté! Keep the posts coming. I enjoy them just as much as her lives/performances. Have a great week, God bless! 🙏🏾

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