The Moore Chante Show – Ep. 12/06/2020 Recap

Before I begin, I’d like to remind all of my readers that this weekly recap is my personal synopsis of The Moore Chante Show. In my breakdowns, I review the song lists, shared scriptures and her commentary, highlighting the items I feel worthy of reflection and review. Opinions and interpretations of various content are mine and mine only. Any non-show related photos, gifs and or internet links are used at my discretion for entertainment purposes only.

Now, let’s begin, shall we?

Happy December and welcome back to another weekly recap of The Moore Chante Show! If you’re like me, you’re looking forward to Christmas and New Year’s Eve/Day with great enthusiasm. What better way to kick it off the final month than with our girl, Lady Chante Moore?

This week’s episode came straight from the comforts of her bedroom.

She opened the show by sharing a very powerful story/testimony about an incident from a few days prior, while she was out driving. Her initial discomfort of not feeling well soon became the sensations of heart flutter, anxiety, hands shaking, etc. After stopping for over 45 minutes (and constant checks from the nearby highway construction workers) she continued driving. She ended up taking the long way home, which at the time seemed like the only way for her to endure the horrifying ordeal (for full details, you’ll need to go back and listen to the show).

The important thing is that she made it home, safely.

She wants you to remember that if you feel like you’re going through hell, keep going. Go through it. We WILL go through troubled times, but we will also learn our lessons along the way and we will grow.

The “Christmas Back To You” and “Rise Of The Phoenix” CDs along with the posters have been mailed out to those who have placed their orders (and left their shipping addresses – four of you need to resend that information). Reminder, if you want a signed CD or poster, you need to CashApp your order.

The Dec. 13 Episode will be dedicated to Christmas Carols / Holiday Music, so get your requests in ASAP. Also, don’t forget to send in your requests for themes for shows (what you want to talk about). She’s interested to know your topics of interest.

She shared the story of the three witnesses who stood on the street, preaching the word of God (Book Of Revelations) who were killed in front of everyone and left there in the street for three days. “Every eye saw them for three days.” This is not unlike today, when EVERY eye can watch almost everyTHING (thanks to media and the internet).

She asks everyone to pray for her. The devil is busy and will do anything to keep her from professing her love for God and sharing His message, even on her own show (fake accounts, gnats in the comments, etc.). But she will not be swayed from her purpose – so keep praying for her, y’all… She loves that she can give back to Him (God), even through her show.

There WILL be a “Meet And Greet” session for the iMOOREtals. The date will be announced soon.

Home With You“, her Christmas duet with VaShawn Mitchell is available for purchase/download, so be sure to order your copy!

She also shed a little light for the fans and my friends who wonder why she keeps calling me “Zoot” (Zoot580 on IG/Twitter and Kenny “Zoot” Davis on Facebook) on her show. Long story short: It was my high school and college nickname, which I abandoned when I entered the working world. Years later, when I got on FB, I realized that many college friends from the late 80s never knew my real name, so I started using “Zoot” on social media so they could recognize/find me. It worked for her because she’s already had a “Kenny” and has a “KJ”. Got it? So if I gotta give up the name Kunta Kinte for Tobe, I don’t mind. Especially for Chante Moore! Correction: ONLY for Chante Moore!!

Chante’s ChanTunes

  • “Nothing Can Come Between Us” by Sade (Ok, if you’re old school, I’m sure I don’t need to ask you if you went “HEEYYYYYY” when that song kicked in. I just hope that it took every listener back to good times. I know it did for me.)
  • “Through It All” (acapella) by Andrae Crouch (A fitting way to put an exclamation point on that very powerful testimony about her harrowing experience a few days ago.)
  • “Caught Up In The Rapture” by Anita Baker (First Sade, then Anita Baker? Now that was how you bring that Easy Listening vibe to the masses. Lord knows we all remember where we were and what we were going through back then. Well, those of us in our 40s, 50s and beyond. Thank you, Chante. I know ‘I’ was caught up in the rapture…)
  • “Christmas Back To You” by Chante Moore (Although she promised to dedicate next week’s show to Christmas tunes, she still brought that Holiday Happiness with one of the classic ballads from her “Christmas Back To You” CD.)
  • “Thank You For Loving Me” by Chante Moore (Wow. I remember when I first heard this song. My brother-in-law [another CM fan] and I were driving around Frederick, Maryland, having a cruising listening party. When she got to the song’s climax, the violas and cellos reached that lobotomizing crescendo [2:23 minute mark], only to be suddenly interrupted by her soft and sweet “Thank you babaaaaaay“. Of course, he and I kept our masculine composure!)
(If you tell anyone, I’ll deny it.)

Chante’s Lesson For The Week: Move forward. Move forward. Don’t turn back. Move forward.

…and with that, we’ll call it a week! Tune in next ChantDay for another Ice Cream Sunday episode of THE MOORE CHANTE SHOW and then the following Tuesday for my recap!

…and thank you all, as always, for reading!

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  1. Kenny kenny!!! You keep me coming back for more!! You always give me a great RECAP for sure !!😉 I must say you put another smile on my face. Thanks!

    Love Megan

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  2. That’s all that matters. It ain’t the show, but hopefully it always sends you on your way with a reminder of just how good the show WAS!

    Thank you for always reading!

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  3. Bravo…👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
    Great recap. I especially love her sharing her experience with us. Truly a treasure

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