I Lost My Babies, But Got A New One! aka “So You’re Gonna Be A Grandpa…”

What a way to close a week! As you should remember (in my recent post: “I Woke Up One Morning… …And My Babies Were Gone”), I shared my feelings on celebrating my youngest son’s 21st birthday. In a nutshell, it was bittersweet. I’m so glad that he’s an adult, but that meant that I was now the father of men. To be honest, I’ve felt that way back since he turned 18. And although everyone tells me that my boys will “always be my babies”, you and I know it’s really not the same. So yeah, I’ve been in a bit of a funk ever since.

Well, 6 days later, during a visit from my oldest son and his girlfriend, he casually yet abruptly threw out that a new leaf was being added to the family tree! Still, as exciting as the news was, it wasn’t entirely a shocker. Earlier in the day, when they asked if they could come over, we began to wonder if they were going to make an announcement to us. As the evening continued without any such indication, I concluded that it was all in our heads, especially since they were taking my youngest out for a late birthday celebration. I eventually dismissed the notion, that is, up until Kenny Jr. blurted out, “Mom, you’re gonna be a grandma!”

After extensive discussion and multiple rib-breaking hugs (I was easier on her), we let them leave with the “old baby” for a night of unmentionable activity. Of course, the moment she sent me a picture of the ultrasound, many of you know that it went right on up to social media. The only delay was the time it took to notify my immediate family.

It was somewhere around 4 a.m. that I woke up in tears for the first time, in full realization. Tears of absolute jubilation.

I’m a lover of babies/children. You all know that. Raising my sons has been the greatest honor and blessing a man can ever know. The only disappointment was not getting a daughter in the mix. Which brings about the new mystery: Will it be a boy or a girl? Thankfully, momma intends to bypass all that “gender reveal” stuff and find out as soon as the answer pops out during a forthcoming prenatal visit. She’s 10 weeks along now, so we’ve got about 8-11 more to go before we know. She said that she will allow my son to name the baby “Kenny” (which will be the fourth in our line), but a name for a girl hasn’t been decided or discussed at length.

All I know is that there is no preference on this end. If it’s a boy, he’s going to have a wild time with “G-Pa” (the name given to me by one of my son’s friends, who has already made me a pseudo-grandfather to his own kid). Several people have already told me that I will make an awesome grandfather, which I appreciate and very much hope to be. Now if it’s a girl, you all already know I’m going to spoil the hell out of her. I HAVE to, to compensate for the fact that I’m locking her in our basement and she won’t even know what “boys” look like until she’s 47 or I’m dead.

Notice how my plans don’t intend the child’s actual parents? At ALL? I’m already planning to sue them for full custody…

Yeah, I’m one happy grandfather-to-be and I can’t wait for Dec. 26th, the expected due date. I’ve already told them to hold on two more days so it will be born on MY birthday. Kenny Jr. was born on my father’s birthday. How cool would that be if his son was born on mine?

One thing’s for sure. Gonna be some serious gym sessions in the near future because I need to be in better shape to keep up with him or her.

But if nothing else, I intend to be one cool-ass grandfather!

The Davis Family Adventures continue…


  1. Love this. Congratulations to the whole family! I can’t wait to see the blog posts that will stem from the new addition to your family 🙌🏾

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  2. Congratulations G-Pa!🎉 I am so happy for you! Reading this blog was a great way to start my day…ALL SMILES!

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  3. Congratulations (again) Kenny! You are going to make an awesome G-Pa to the newest addition to your village. Prayers for a great pregnancy for mom and baby. There goes your retirement fund… lol ENJOY! ~Sarah Lynn

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