Canceling Costumes: Why Can’t We Focus On The REAL Issue(s)?

In 1980, I saw a movie called, “Fade To Back”, the story of a shy, delusional film buff who goes on a killing spree dressed as memorable movie characters, all the while stalking a Marilyn Monroe lookalike.

While watching, I remember thinking to myself, you’ve got to be one sick individual to get lost and all caught up in movie characters.

Nobody’s that stupid.

Now here we are, 40 years later and the “Cancel Culture” thinks that society is on the brink of breeding a generation of Fade To Black youth. What’s going on, you ask?

They want to cancel the so-called violent Halloween costumes, specifically Michael Myers from the “Halloween” movie franchise.

From what I understand, they’re worried about our youth becoming violent themselves (and God forbid, bloodthirsty) after donning the morbidly iconic mask/costume.

There are also growing concerns that people wearing costumes from Netflix’s “Squid Game” phenomenon will act out the roles of their characters as well.

Friends. Really?

I can understand that parents with strong religious convictions take issue with costumes resembling witches, ghosts, and other characters of monstrous and demonic nature. If they want to dress their children as doctors, clowns and little princesses, hey, fine with me. I can also respect those who choose not to participate at all because of their understanding of the origins of Halloween, including the Festival Of Samhain.

But people, come on. We’ve been dressing up as Michael Myers, Jason, Freddy Krueger, Hellraiser’s Pinhead, Chucky, “The Ring” girl, Scream, etc. for decades. And Frankenstein’s Monster, The Bride, Dracula, Elvira and the Wolf Man etc. have been staples in our society for the better part of a century.

So what’s so different about this crew of kids vs generations of old?

If you ask me, it’s the lack of proper parenting.

My parents never had a concern about me getting so absorbed in fictitious identities that I might one day start howling at the moon and carrying unconscious women in my arms without my shoes.

Well, there was that one time my girlfriend made men whimper like a puppy-

Sorry, TMI.

I’m back.

You know what? I think you understand what I’m talking about. I’m going to spare you my diatribe against these ignorant young parents and failing education system (not blaming the educators themselves – thank God for the great majority of you teachers, still hanging in there, despite stricter rules and parents who want you to raise their kids).

In my not-so-humble opinion, it’s all in how you raise your kids. If you ground your children in reality and, equally important, the consequences of their deviant behavior, I think you stand a better chance producing sweeter fruit.

Talk to your children, often. Listen to them when they want to talk. Council them. Love them. Discipline them. Correct them.

Stop excusing their outbursts and disrespect, letting them act a fool when they want.

(No the hell he DIDN’T…)

Did I say, “discipline them”? I did? Let me say it again. Discipline them.

Teach them what’s appropriate and what’s obscene and how you feel about what they do. Let them know when you’re disappointed and praise them for their production.

And equally important, watch television/movies with them and remind them that these are characters created by writers, who generated these stories for our entertainment. Discuss the nature of programming for mature audiences. Let them know what happens to you in reality when you break the law, bully/harass other students or talk back to grown folk.

Discipline them. Yeah, there’s that again.

We knew the difference back then and parents trusted us to run around looking like whoever the hell we wanted to while Trick-or-Treating and attending Halloween parties.

If you ask me, if anything needs cancel culture action, it’s sending these bad-ass kids to the Principal’s office for a “harsh talk” and release back to class. Reintroduce that paddle and beat that ass!

Yeah, I said it.

Leave Michael, Freddy and Chucky alone and focus on Mike, Frederick and Charley.

Here endeth my rant.


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  1. Well said my friend. The “D” word discipline should be recognized as a “Love”word. A word that shows parents care about the health and well-being of their offspring. Teaching them right from wrong. But, also getting them to think and make wise decisions for life. You know what I mean 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh, I definitely know what you mean. I tell people all that time that discipline must have a purpose. I had to be careful though, not to stray too much from my subject in this one, the Halloween Costumes.

    Thanks for reading!


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