Are You Planning A Safe Halloween During The Pandemic?

So, it’s that time again, Halloween, one of my favorite holidays of the year. Unfortunately, we’re still in midst of the dreaded COVID-19 Pandemic, which we all hoped would be over by now. If you ask me, short of a cure, we SHOULD be. We should have been rid of it a long time ago. All it takes is complete self-isolation, long enough for it to run its course though those who have it.

I personally hoped that those who contracted it would survive it while we waited it out. Sadly, no.

Well, the world (to be more specific, the United States) couldn’t and wouldn’t wait. Businesses stressed their risks of closing (which I totally understood), people continued to party, thinking it was all a hoax (we have some politicians to thank as well, discounting the magnitude of it all) and many flatly refused to play by the rules, claiming their “rights” were being taken away.

Regardless of who was wrong or right, we failed. Many died as a result and the virus continues to do its damage.

So now that we’ve acknowledged what is, how do we handle things now that the most contact-heavy season is here? Yes, people get together for holiday cookouts and parades throughout the year, but this is the big one. This is the time of year when children go from house to house, collecting candy, handled by dozens of participants around town. I know they mean well, but after all is said and done, there is the changing of hands, all around the country.

And trust me, people are excited and eager to get to it, especially since Halloween was all but canceled last year.

I won’t go into the basic Halloween Safety Tips (click the link if you’d like to read it). This time around, I’d like to address participating in the festivities while avoiding Covid Cocoa and Candy.

Donning my safety hat, here are a few thoughts and ideas of mine to consider, even IF you’ve been vaccinated.

  1. If you’re Trick-Or-Treating, considering protective gloves to minimize naked contact with candy and other items dropped in your bag.
  2. If you’re passing out candy, protective gloves can go a long way with keeping the children safe. Don’t place anything in their hands, drop them in the bag.
  3. Avoid leaving containers out for children to reach in with their hands. Again, pass it out.
  4. Avoid bringing children into your home for handouts. I know some of you love to create a “haunted house” of sorts for them to enter, but you might want to pass, this year.
  5. Studies show that, depending on the surface, the virus can last on hard surfaces for as long as 5 days. I know we love to eat candy on Halloween night, but you might want to consider waiting this time around (the kids will understand).
  6. Maintaining 6 feet from others is always a good practice.
  7. Be careful, wearing a mask beneath a Halloween mask. It might be difficult to breath. Consider wearing a costume that includes a Halloween-theme mask.
  8. If you’re attending a Halloween party/dance, again, minimize contact and continue to wear a mask. Don’t assume that being vaccinated provides 100% protection for you or others.
  9. If you’re hosting a party, if weather permits, consider having it outdoors. I know that’s a lot to ask, but the less chances you take, the better.

For more definitive suggestions including pumpkin carving, feel free to check out these Halloween Guidelines from UCHealth.

I know to some, these seem a bit excessive, but ask yourself: What price do you put on your health? Your life? That of your children? I personally think it’s a small price to pay in order to establish some sense of normalcy during these trying times.

Trust me, next year’s Halloween is no fun if there’s no one around to celebrate.

Try to keep that in mind and have a Happy Halloween!

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