Blog #300: Get It Out’cho Head…

Yeah, I can hardly believe it myself. 300!

Trying to wrap my mind around the fact that I’ve sat at my PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone (even the library’s computer) at LEAST 300 times to put my thoughts in, print (actually, on screen). And I can’t begin to quantify the thousands of hours I’ve put in writing, editing and revising my topics. Not to mention researching, prepping, editing and creating pertinent &/or idiotic gifs, sound bytes, photos and movie clips to enhance the content and promote this blog page.

And it’s worth every doggone minute of it.

I’ve covered it all, so far. Black History Month, Music Appreciation/Mixes, Church Tales, Davis Family Adventures, Retail Re-Tales, Cooking, Practical Jokes Gone Horribly Awry, Dating Nightmares, Africa, Movie Reviews, Listicles (of my favorite or most wretched things), High School Memories, College Memories, The Moore Chante Show, Photography, Commentaries, Safety Tips, Personal Health and so forth and so on…

And I’ve honestly had a great deal of fun, doing so.

I know that not everybody can get with everything I write. Mainly because I cover such a wide variety of subjects. Sure, if I focused on one topic like religion or cooking, I know I’d have a dedicated audience whose members shared the same interest(s). And yeah, consistency would actually bring in greater numbers.

But it’s not about the numbers. Honest. My site isn’t monetized, so I honestly gain nothing by doing this. I AM, however, fascinated by all of the countries that I see visiting my site. 93 countries, to be specific.

…and that count is steadily increasing!

I don’t know how some of these readers find me, but I’m really glad to know that they’ve taken part of their day just to be a part of mine. Just as I’m appreciative of all my email followers who have committed to receiving the infrequent bombardment of my craziness.

Perhaps, one day I will focus on gaining followers in hopes of generating revenue, but it would call for a certain level of commitment that I’m not sure I’m ready to get into right now.

I just love knowing that you guys are enjoying it.

You’ve probably heard this before, but I have so much in my head that begs typing and sharing. A great deal of it is from the many memories that one would think I couldn’t possibly have at this age (54). I’m amazed myself. I can remember so much from my past, in such vivid detail (a lot of what you read comes from my upcoming book – I can finally share that it’s a romantic comedy). It does me no good to keep it to myself. That’s like a chef, dying with the treasured knowledge of so many recipes, locked away for all time. I’m still sour that I didn’t get several recipes and cooking tips from my parents (dad is gone and mom has dementia), grandmother, aunt and cousin before it was too late.

Sooooo, I’m taking the advice of one of my best friends:

“Get it out’cho head… …before you lose it.”

I intend to.

So again, thank you, to everyone who’s ever taken a moment to read, comment, share and follow Kenny’s Camera, Cooking & Crazy Confessions. Thank you to recording artist Chante Moore, for blessing me with opportunity to write for her show. Thank you to those, whose secrets I’ve exposed with my flashbacks, who haven’t tried to kill me or take me to court. Thank you to those of you who suggest topics, most of which, I’ve covered since my blog page’s inception in December of 2018. Thank you to those who have actually gone back to the beginning to read everything I’ve produced. And thank you to those who have been along the ride most, if not all, of the way, never missing an entry.

Finally, a very special and eternal Thank You to Tonya, Siima and George, who were instrumental throughout the opening and developmental stages of ZootsBlogSpot. This site would not and could not be the success that it is without your genius, energy, love, support and guidance.

I love you all and it is truly my pleasure to share my life and my thoughts with you.

(…and there’s much more to come – over 100 are either in draft form or finished, automatically scheduled for future posts – so don’t be surprised if you keep getting them, long after I’m dead…)


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