(Not So) Random Thought For Today: Do You. Be You…

I believe that everyone has a right to their own pursuit of happiness (hoping that it doesn’t hurt or impede others from pursuing and achieving their own in the process). This is why I never tell anyone how to live their life. If you ask for my advice, I give it. But understand that it is just that: advice. Heed or dismiss, that’s on you. My word ain’t the gospel and I never claim it to be.

Good, bad or questionable, we all have our dreams, desires, habits, choices and actions. I’ve seen some choices that have made me nod in admiration, while others have made me cringe. But judging? That’s not my thing. That’s not for me to do and not for you to worry about. You live and die by the doors you yourself have opened.

Me personally, I live by my own set of rules. I don’t drink and still have never tried drugs. I think I’ve done enough damage to my body over the past 50 years with the twinkies.

I don’t initiate violence (key word: initiate) but I don’t run from anyone. I don’t slander and I don’t hate anyone. At least not anymore – lol.

I don’t apologize for my words or my actions and I don’t regret my decisions. If I succeed, I breathe a sigh of relief and satisfaction. If I fail, I take it as a life lesson and use that experience to mold my next plan of action.

But I do make my decisions with confidence, never looking back or second-guessing myself. And while some are impromptu, others are strategically constructed. Just know that when I make my move, there’s no stutter-stepping. Hence the scars, burns and re-fused bones.

And I never blame others for the outcome. I know what I did and you better believe I had a damn good time doing it!

What I’m trying to say is that life is short. Waaaaaay too short. Do you and have fun doing it. I just hope that it’s not so much fun that people still bring it up on social media, 30 years later. Yeah, people have seen me do some epic things. Many are hilarious memories for all, while some are permanently documented in court records. Oh well…

Anyway, no matter what it is you do, I can only pray that you be safe in your adventures.

Focus on family, friends and fun — and never forget to carry God with you, wherever you go.

…and don’t forget to carry your camera &/or video recorder because memories are magic.

But don’t forget, that’s just my advice, albeit unsolicited.

God bless you, my friends. Luvyalot

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