Teacher Feature: Honoring Four Educators For Teacher Appreciation Week

“Give them their flowers while they’re still alive!”
Something I’ve heard countless times over the past few years, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic.

And truer words have never been spoken… …it’s what this world needs.

Considering all that’s going on around the globe, it’s imperative that we give praise to those we honor while they’re here to hear, know and appreciate it. To me there is nothing sadder than sitting at a funeral and hearing someone say, “I wish he was here to see this turnout and all this love” or “I wish she could have heard that; how we feel about her”.

The same goes for posthumous awards. To me, watching a presentation and honor given to someone after they’re gone is bitter-sweet. And don’t get me started on exonerations and pardons resulting from late DNA results and guilt-ridden confessions of false testimony, long after someone has been executed.

But I’m not going down that road, at least not in THIS blog. It’s all about love today.

This week, I want to give love and gratitude to those who have dedicated their careers and lives to educating others. That’s right, our underappreciated and underpaid teachers of yesteryear, today and tomorrow. Specifically, those wonderful, unrecognized and unrewarded heroes in MY experiences. Real-life superheroes who have been instrumental and influential in my efforts, my life choices, my successes and my resilience during the toughest of times. The people BEYOND my awesome mother and father; the professionals who had a great deal to do with my decision to become an entertainer, an instructor, a leader.

Those who cared enough to dedicate their own lives to improving ours by making us knowledgeable, positive impacts on society.

Over the next four days, I’m going to share my experiences with the following four educators:

Stuart Gurevitz – 4th Grade Science (East Chicago Franklin Elementary)
Larry Lane – 9th-12th Grade Marching, Concert & Jazz Band (East Chicago Washington High)
Myra Anderson – 10th Grade Spanish (East Chicago Washington High)
Dr. William P. Foster – College Marching Band & Orchestra (Florida A&M University)

Some of these tales will be short, some lengthy. But understand that my love and thanks to everyone listed are equally immeasurable. For despite my impish ways, they were patient and caring enough to never give up on me.

So check back each day this week at ZootsBlogSpot.com for the latest installment (if you’re old like me and your memory is short, sign up at the bottom to receive email notification of each post).

That being said, I’ll see you tomorrow (and the next day… …and the next).

First up in my Teacher Feature for Teacher Appreciation Week, Stuart Gurevitz

…see you tomorrow!

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