“Shank You Very Much”: National Family Day (Another Davis Family Adventure)

Sharing a FB story from years ago:

When we were kids, my siblings and I would “shank” each other from behind in rapid fashion with closed fists and protruding thumbs (basically, it’s making a “thumbs up” with your hand, but the thumb is partially recessed). We’d sneak up behind our victim, wrap one arm around their neck, almost as if to choke them, then jab our thumb into the small of their back. All the while, making a “shhk” sound as we mercilessly took down your victim. Sometimes, you’d put one hand over their mouth.

That tradition was passed on to the next generation…

Columbus, Ohio 2007

It began with me grabbing my boys from behind, almost always covering their mouths. Oftentimes, it was a substitute for raising my voice at them whenever they frustrated me. A playful way of letting them know that they either messed up or were about to. As time passed, it was more of a spontaneous act, just for fun. I made it a point to cover their mouths because they always felt the need to scream out “MOMMMMM” at the top of their lungs.

It wasn’t long before they realized that if they stuck together, they could attack me collectively, like a bunch of paper clips surrounding a strong magnet. This way, they could “shank” me from all sides. They weren’t strong enough to pull me to the floor, but I let them think they could be toppling me over if they clung to me long enough.

One day, the boys just came into my bedroom, then jumped on the bed and shanked me severely as I lay in bed. They went on as long as they could, not letting up or getting up.

Opting not to throw them off, I I called out for my wife to help.

By the sound of my voice, I knew that she knew I was under attack and needed backup.

Within a matter of seconds, she came charging in, dove, landed on the bed…

…then joined my boys in the cafeteria shaking!

This went on for several minutes until I managed to wiggle my way out of the group and roll off of the bed, onto the floor.

Everyone laughed as I remained on the floor, motionless. Connie remarked about how much I deserved what I got as the boys stood around her in silence, brandishing wicked smiles. Sensing that something was wrong, she suddenly stopped and looked at the boys, who were looking back and forth at each other.

She looked at me in a near-panic as I smiled from my prone position, already knowing what was to come.

Then, without warning, they threw HER back on the bed before she could escape and proceeded to shank HER disloyal ass!!!

Usually, when and if mom was attacked, I came in as the savior, fending off the fearsome foursome.

Not this day.

On this day, I chose to pay her back, in kind, walking away in slow motion as the zombies devoured their prey…

I love this family.

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  1. Had a good good laugh 😂 you are really wicked. It’s so good to read these fun filled family treats. I think they take everyone back to their childhood memories with their parents. They are real treasures Kenny. Thanks 😊 again.

    Liked by 1 person

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