EOM Health Check-In: (Jan. 1, 2020)

Happy New Year! Yes, 2020 is upon us and as I promised in my December 29 Blog Post: “Leave Resolutions Alone: Make Personal/Business Plans”, I’m keeping you in the loop, where my health is concerned, with my End Of Month (EOM) Health Check-In (and shame on me for not posting any updates for the past 5 or 6 months).

Why am I sharing my personal health business? Two reasons:

  1. I want to set a proper example, having suggested that you all make a plan and stick to it, as stated in the aforementioned link/blog about Personal/Business Plans. I plan to make great strides in 2020 and if when I succeed, be able to point future inquirers to this post and my methods. I need to be able to show people that it worked. Like I always say, “you can’t invite someone to church with a bottle of liquor in your hand”.
  2. It helps to hold me accountable. I do have those readers who are very concerned about my state of health, who have know the troubles I’ve had over the years. I promised them that I would do better and this is a way of showing them. I know I’m not required to do so, but I feel better, knowing that they feel better about my journey and how I walk it. It’s good to feel loved and this is a way of showing my appreciation, just one of many ways to give love in return.

So, here we go…

2019 didn’t end as I hoped it would, having sustained multiple injuries and suffering from unplanned illnesses and physical conditions. I allowed that, family tragedies and my personal issues to negatively impact my efforts for the latter half of the year, which is truly disappointing… …and after such a great start. I stopped working out and went into a “personal funk”, having lost the interest to fight back and do better. In fact, there were times that I felt that I had had enough and was just tired of being here. Take that as you will. This only works when I’m truthful.

But after having sat down and properly analyzing what went right, what went wrong and how I let things distract and derail me, I found myself. I was lost and that was what I needed most, finding myself. I reminded myself that one of the things people always praised me for was my stubbornness when it comes to defeat. I’ve always been a fighter and love when people tell me it can’t be done. Right now, my body is telling me that being 52 (as of December 28) is just another reminder that my days grow shorter. But thankfully, my mind is now telling my body that all hell is about to break loose…

…so prepare yourself for battle!

Physically, I’m still having some problems with my new knee, as well as the first knee replacement. So I’ll have to meet with the ortho ASAP. My back continues to go out on me without warning and my shoulder still gives me trouble. My vision is still back and forth with blurriness and I’m not getting the sleep I need. My morning vitals were high in both blood pressure and glucose readings today, but I suppose that could be connected to my eating habits the last 24 hours. I have all of these free birthday meals, but I think I’ll give my remaining coupons away. It’s fun, but it’s not helping.

Sooooo, I got up after a full 8 hours sleep today and I’m now dressed for the the gym, about to leave in 30 minutes. I intend to be in the gym 6 days a week and I really have nothing that should prevent that from happening. My meal plan is set for the week and I’ve been prepping my meals, which are loaded with vegetables and healthier combinations. I’m going to try again to avoid fast food, friend food, pop (not “soda”), candy, chips, cookies cakes and all of those other sweets. At some point, I may give up meat for a week or so and see how that goes.

Last year had its victories and I’m proud of what I achieved. But I’ve got to recover what I’ve lost and a better mindset is critical to making that happen. I’ve prayed to God and asked Him and those around me to forgive me for my shortcomings and loss of belief in myself. Now the only forgiveness I need is my own and to believe in myself and in what I can do.

I also talked with my family today and they pledged to fully support me in my efforts.

Nothing else need be said. Time to get out of my own way and get it poppin’ because “there is much to do at 52!”

I’ll see y’all next month with the next update! Of course, there’ll be plenty of blog posts about my shenanigans in the interim…