Leave Resolutions Alone! Make Personal/Business Plans

Updated from original post on 12/31/2018 on Zoot580.BlogSpot.com

No team goes into a press conference saying, “We’re going to win next week” and leaves it at that.  They don’t just make a resolution to win.  They develop a Game Plan.

When football teams prepare for an upcoming game, a great deal of film review, study and analysis is conducted.  A team needs to review their performance in recent weeks and identify what’s working and what needs improvement.  They look at the films of the upcoming opponent to find their strengths and pick out any/all weaknesses that can be exploited.  They heavily study how the opponent’s plays develop and how individual performers execute.  They adjust their game plan accordingly.  To do anything short would be a recipe for disaster.

That being said, I have a few questions.

  1. Why do you make resolutions without a means to accomplish them? 
  2. Why do you promise to do things, for which you have no knowledge or script to make them happen?  
  3. Have you ever wondered why you get so easily frustrated when you see no progress and why you’re so quick to abandon the project altogether?

I’ll answer those three questions with three words:  MAKE A PLAN!

You’ve heard these quotes of inspiration before: “Those who fail to plan, plan to fail”, “Don’t just talk about it, BE about it”, “Once you know better, you should DO better”.

Make an honest decision and commitment to change, then design a game plan to follow, in preparation for the coming year (or project).  Don’t just say you’re going to do something.  Spell out HOW you’re going to make it happen.

Make (and this is important) QUANTIFIABLE goals that you can follow, measure, review, analyze and track.  

Each year, I put together what I call a “Personal Business Plan” and I add a theme as a subtitle like “Nifty At Fifty”, “The Weight Is Over”, etc.  That made it fun and gave me a mission.  As a result, I’ve enjoyed success in many parts of my life over the years.

“So, Kenny, how exactly DO I make a measurable goal?”   Well I’m glad you asked.

Don’t say, “I’m going to lose some weight”.  Make a realistic goal and identify exactly HOW you will do it.  Don’t say, “I’m going to work out and eat healthy”.  That’s nice, but what does that consist of?  Take a look at one of my line items for 2020, which happens to be about health/weight (Yaaay):

Goal #2:  Lose 50 lbs. by June 30; 100 lbs. by December 28

  1. Workout 6 days/week (Alternate:  Upper, Lower & Aerobic) at maximum levels.
  2. Eat correctly 6 days/week (eat sensibly on Day #7) per BFL (Body For Life) Plan.  Drink 10+ glasses of water daily.
  3. Avoid eating after 7 p.m. (8 p.m. is the absolute cut-off).
  4. Avoid pop, sugar & fried foods.  Reduce “white” foods (flour-based, rice, potatoes, etc.)
  5. Walk 10,000+ steps per day (verify with pedometer).
  6. Track vital stats with BP Monitor & Blood Glucose Testing Device. Review with physician.
  7. Take medications as prescribed, daily.

OMG – 100 lbs in a year?  That’s a lot!  I’ve NEVER lost that much before, Kenny.  I don’t think I can even lose 50 lbs. in one year. 

The HELL you can’t!  People do it all the time!  Every item listed beneath that goal can be accomplished, should you choose to do them.  They’re all realistic, if you decide you’re going to do them.  But this is my list.  Remember, never plan to do something you have no intentions to do, or even try.

If you say you don’t have time to work out, ask yourself how much time you spend on the internet, watching TV, lounging around, partying, etc.  I used to get up at 4 a.m. and get a good 60-90 minutes in on the internet.  That time could easily have been spent in the gym (Even if you don’t have a gym membership, you can perform calisthenics at home. You can get out and walk/run).  I blew my own opportunity(ies).

I use the Body For Life plan, which I won’t detail in THIS blog.  But it requires that I work out 6 days a week and eat in accordance with what I need to keep my heart healthy, prevent/manage diabetes and reduce the risk of stroke. I can make it to the gym.  I just have to plan accordingly and stick to it.

Bottom line, every single one of the aforementioned is achievable.  You just have to want it.

Admittedly, the last three years were derailed by Total Knee Replacement surgery, injuries, health scares and personal tragedies, but I don’t blame them.  I blame myself for ALLOWING them to keep me from doing what I knew was right.  I’ve been an emotional wreck for three solid years.  I had moments when I thought the ship would right itself and it didn’t.  When it DID, it didn’t last.  I have to make it happen!

So if you fall short on any given day, don’t be discouraged.  Ask yourself what got in the way.  If you can control it, do so.  If you can’t, work around it.   But no matter what, DO NOT GIVE UP!

And never be afraid to develop a support system by telling others in your circle or household.  if they know what you’re working towards, they can help keep you accountable.

I could go on and on, but I think you get the idea.  So let’s wrap this up before the New Year countdown begins:

  1. Commit to changing your life(style) for your own betterment and no one else’s.
  2. Identify your needs (or areas of opportunity).
  3. Make your goal.  Decide what it is you truly want to make a reality.
  4. Plan how.  Lay out a list of steps that you can actually measure.
  5. Activate it.  No simpler words can I offer.  Put it into action and let nothing stop you. 
  6. Review your accomplishments daily/weekly/monthly. 
  7. Adjust as necessary and STAY THE COURSE
  8. Celebrate your accomplishment. Your progress. Your victories. Let them serve as motivators for you to reach that finish line and beyond. Cause ain’t nothin’ like the sweet taste of victory…

If you need help setting up a plan and/or quantifying your goal(s), reach out to me (Zoot580@hotmail.com).

I’ll keep you all posted on how these things are working for me throughout the year. Besides, I can’t have you running laps if you think I’m on the sideline eating Twinkies now.  Can I?

Oh and this year’s motto? Simple: “A Promise Made, A Promise Kept”.  I lost one of oldest and greatest friends last year. Someone I promised to grow old with. Now, I must correct the bad habits and change my life in order to do the things we once swore we’d do together. I must finish our journey. Sam, this year is our year…

To the rest of you, I’ll see you in 2020. 

Happy New Year…                                                 …I love you all!

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