2020: One Week In… (10 Personal Changes)

If you follow my blog or know me personally, you know I no longer make resolutions (Leave Resolutions Alone! Make Personal/Business Plans) Still, I have made decisions/changes in the final months of 2019 that I’ve carried over into the new year. So far, one week in, they’re working out just fine. I know it’s too early to see how effective they truly are for me, but I’m pleased with my position and general disposition, so I’ll just keep on truckin’ (went back to the 70s for that phrase)…

I figured I’d share 10 of them in hopes that some work for you, should you choose to adopt them. Let’s get to it, shall we? Here are:

10 Personal Changes In 2020

  1. I will no longer give my time away, especially to those who don’t respect it. I will be compensated for it, at its full value.
  2. I will know my physical limitations, but I will not be bound by them.  I will maximize on my own potential.
  3. I will no longer look back on what I used to have and who I used to be.  I will fight for what I want/need and I will become the man who lies in wait.
  4. I will not make excuses for failures or shortcomings.  I will investigate what is, analyze it, develop control (recurrence prevention) methods, implement changes, evaluate for effectiveness and make the necessary adjustments. That’s the Safety Director in me talking…
  5. I will depend on no one, for people will fail me, despite their best intentions and efforts.  This battle is mine and mine alone.  God is my strength.
  6. I will not worry or care what others think.  Opinions don’t pay my bills OR tuck me into bed at night. I will say and do what must be said and done and not look back, second-guessing myself…
  7. I will not concern myself with the tint of my neighbors’ lawns.  If I want greener grass, I will fertilize and water it myself.  THIS is my property.
  8. I will not squander opportunities.  Many shots will be buzzer beaters.  If I hesitate, it may be too late. Procrastination is a precursor to failure.
  9. I will continue to self-educate.  Ignorance is vulnerability. My knowledge is my most powerful weapon. My courage is my shield. I will learn for the rest of my days.
  10. I will forgive.  I will respect.  I will love. Starting with me…

…and that’s it! I hope you found something of value in the preceding. Like I said, I just started at the end of 2019, but I’m gauging things from January 1.

And so far, so good…


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