Whatever Happened To 2019? (Answer: TGIF!!)

Originally posted on Jan. 1, 2019 on Zoot580.BlogSpot.com

Have you heard it enough yet or is there still time for me to yell it?  Ok, here we go…


I can’t think of any conversation that won’t begin with that phrase, except maybe “License, registration and proof of insurance, please”.

Well, whether your year was good, fair or disastrous, most people can all agree on one thing.  That year FLEW by (I think I’m the only one that drudged through it.)!  It seemed like just yesterday that we ushered in 2019 and all of a sudden we’re looking at “aesthetic-looking” 2-0-2-0.  Geez, that looks like the doomsday code for…    Nah, he ain’t worth mentioning.

So what happened to 2019? This decade? How has it gone as quickly as it arrived? Let’s take it a little further.  How have my kids grown up so quickly? Even worse, how did I get so old? Where did the time go?

It’s simple, TGIF!  Yes, I’m about to blow your mind with this one…

“Thank God It’s Friday” is a sentiment shared by just about every hard-working citizen on the planet, with the exception of anyone having to work weekends.  We LIVE for those two days so we can ‘party-up’, travel, relax or call someone to bail us out of jail (another blog for another day).

Anyway.  We spend every day thinking about the weekend and what we’re going to do.

  • Monday is a day of regret because we didn’t accomplish certain tasks or make it to our getaway spot.  But that’s ok, the new weekend will come along soon enough, if we can make it through THIS week.  God, I don’t wanna be here today…  “What? Oh!  Yes sir, my weekly report is almost done.  I know it was due on your desk two hours ago.”
  • Tuesday is “Monday: The Sequel”.  Meh.
  • Wednesday is “Hump Day” and we begin to feel hope because the week is halfway up.  
  • Thursday.  Waitaminute.  The week is almost over!
  • Friday hits and we are pumped!  “Meeting in 20 minutes? Sure!” I’m not saying a word and Chatty Charley had better not either.  I’m trying to get outta this place.  Extended breaks, phone calls with people that have nothing to do with work.  You know the routine.  Someone says it and we reply with the same, “TGIF” as the clock ticks away to that blaring Flinstones factory whistle (or Japanese bell tone, depending on where you work and what you do) and we’re out the door!

The weekend is here!!!  Friday night we’re all meeting up at the bar or the club or both!  Phone has been recharged at work so we have plenty of juice to record our co-workers rolling around on the pool table like Madonna in a wedding dress on the stage floor at the 1984 MTV Music Awards (my mother had me dying when she walked in and saw that on TV before asking, “What is WRONG with that woman?”).

By the way, I brought up the girl on the pooltable based on a FB clip I saw of an employee. Y’all need to be mindful about who you ask to be friends with on social media.

If we’re coming home to a meal, we rush home to explain why we were out so late and pretend to be hungry for dinner, knowing we’re full of wings, curly fries, pop &/or beer.  Yes, ladies, that includes you…

Saturday? I could go all day talking about what people do on that day.  Suffice it to say, calories will be burned. Me, I watch College Gameday during football season which sucks up the day from 12 noon until late evening. And then there’s photography.

Sunday comes along and the panic hits because the weekend is almost over.  If you go to church, the day is even shorter!  If you watch the NFL games, forget it.  You don’t remember anything else that day and before you know it, it’s time to go to bed!!

Brrrrrriiinnnnng!  OMG, that horrible-sounding alarm just went off, reminding you that the weekend is done and it’s time to start all over again.  For the record, I don’t care HOW pleasant the alarm tone is, it’s the most undesired and unwelcome sound in the world!  (Snooze x3)

Another week.  Another quest for the weekend.

Another week.  ANOTHER quest for the weekend.


Before you know it, a month has passed.  Two months.  Three.  OMG, this is starting to make sense…

We spend EVERY week, “Living For The Weekend” and no matter how long they seem, each one moves faster than the one before, once you look back at them.  If you think about it, you know that I’m right.  I say this because I remember when it happened to me.  It was March 1 and I remember remarking, “WOW, it’s MARCH already?!?”  That’s when the investigation and analysis began.

I honestly have entire YEARS that I can’t remember because all I did was work and yearn for the weekend.  I’m sure you do too.

So what do we do? Or rather, how do we undo it? Let me get serious here.

Start by appreciating Monday for what it is – another day in the life.  Thank God for one more chance at it.  You may not love your job, but you DO have one.  I remember my supervisor’s response when I once got angry about something upper-management did and screwed over our department.  He simply said to me, “It sucks to be employed, doesn’t it?”  I hated hearing that, but let me tell you, it put everything in proper perspective.

Appreciate the day.  Love being in it. Maximize on what it has to offer.  It may not be the happiest day, but it’s always an opportunity to improve on the last one.  Enjoy the evening.  Reflect on the day.  Enjoy your time at home. Hug, kiss and love your family.  Enjoy a good family conversation.  Read a good book.  Call an old friend or relative and tell them you’re thinking of them.  Hit the gym, if you didn’t do it in the morning.  Go for a walk. Sit on the porch and watch the summer stars. Make a snowman with the kids.

Appreciate all that life has to offer! 
When Tuesday comes: Second verse, same as the first!

Enjoy every moment with which you’ve been blessed. When the weekend comes, party up like you did before, but stop running through them.  Enjoy each day and, more importantly, take the time to smell the roses and savor the flavor of life.

Do this, as I do, and I PROMISE you’ll get much more out of life.  Every day has value.  Cherish the day, no matter how it’s spent.

Take your time in 2020.  Use it wisely.  Spend as much of it as sober as possible so you can remember it.  Make sure your friends save bail money.  Make someone smile and tell them that you love them.

To HELL with TGIF.

(Thank God I Have Life!)

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