The Moore Chante Show – Ep. 2/28/2021

…so then I told dude, “I ain’t playin’ whichu no’ mo’. You better have my money by Friday or else I’m gonna-“

What? HUNH?? It’s time? The blog readers are tuned in to read the recap? Boy, I thought I told you to let me know before you uploaded this! Anyway, run and get Chante so we can get started…


Ok, let’s try this again…

Hey y’all!! Welcome back to the latest recap of The Moore Chante Show!

It’s the end of month and what a way to close it: A 90-minute session with our favorite girl.  That’s right, folks, she literally gave us 150% of what we expected. Works for me!

She opened the show giving thanks for the many gifts and thoughts of love she’s received for and since her birthday.

Chante comes to us this week from the comforts of her home after “a long couple of weeks”, well-rested and ready to talk about:

Love and being a Giver or being one who likes to Receive.

She asked the question: How do you Receive when you’re a Giver? When you’re a Giver, can you open up to be blessed? She stated that she finds joy in being a Giver, but sometimes it’s hard for her to Receive (case in point, all of the wonderful gifts that she’s received as of late). She finds joy in making someone else smile. She added that if you find joy in Giving, it doesn’t matter whether or not the Receiver appreciates it. The joy comes from the excitement AHEAD of time.

But what makes it hard for one to Receive? Is it pride? Is it insecurity? Is it control?

She also asked if Takers know how to Give? She offered many thoughts, but emphasized that we should ultimately Give without wanting ANYTHING in return.

Announcement: Chante WILL release another gospel album (sooner than you think!). Yes!!

When asked if she could teach others how to sing, she reminded that she’s hoping to set up a class (of sorts), sharing her skills and knowledge as an entertainer (hopefully by April). We will have opportunities to join the class, so hang tight. Details are forthcoming.

She also shared a bit about her experience(s) being on a reality show; the highs and lows and what she took away from it (it’s better that you hear it from her, so as always, revisit the actual episode on FB/IG).

She also reflected back on the Atlanta show, all of the fun she had. In fact, she said it was the most enjoyable time she’s had in a very long while. She asked that we continue to comply with the pandemic requirements to help eradicate this world-wide problem and get back to the way things used to be (because she’s eager to get back out there and perform on a regular basis). So wear your masks, people. And don’t forget that although we can’t see your teeth, you still need to brush them. Trust me, that smell ain’t the mask.

For those who have wondered about the BirthdayGrams and all that is included in the package, she shared how personal she gets and how she utilizes the photos and information provided to make the experience truly, an experience that you won’t forget. So be sure to reach out to Tina Carter on Instagram at Eternalyes for more information and coordination.

Chante’s ChanTunes

  • “God Is Standing By” (acapella excerpt) by Walter Hawkins
  • “Old School Lovin’” (acapella excerpt) by Chante Moore
  • “Love’s Still Alright” by Chante Moore (my absolute favorite Chante Moore song of all time *exhales – flatlines*)
  • “M-A-N” by Chante Moore
  • “Sexy Thang” by Chante Moore
  • “On His Mind” by Chante Moore
  • “I’d Be A Fool” by Chante Moore
  • “This Time” by Chante Moore
  • “Thank You” by Chante Moore (ft. June’s Diary)
  • “Where You Want Me” by Chante Moore

And even though she gave us an extra half hour of lovin’, I’m gonna cut it here. Just know that she took her time talking about the things SHE wanted to talk about; things she felt we needed to hear. It’s her stage and I know you all join me in knowing that no matter what she sings or says, it’s all love. if you tune in enough, you know that to be true…

That being said, now that February is out, let us MARCH on, beginning next Sunday!

…and never forget that Sunday Is Chantday!

Airhugs n Out!

If you’d like to send Chante a monetary gift of love, you can do so on CashApp at $TMCshow.

If you’d like an opportunity to speak with her via Meet & Greet, receive a ChanteGram, etc, you can do so by ordering here.

Finally, you can show your fandom by sporting your “Chantebilia” (official Chante Moore T-Shirts and other products) at PROBLACKONLINE.COM

This weekly recap is my personal synopsis of The Moore Chante Show. In my breakdowns, I review the song lists, shared scriptures and her commentary, highlighting the items I feel worthy of reflection and review. Opinions and interpretations of various content are mine and mine only. Any non-show related photos, gifs and or internet links are used at my discretion for entertainment purposes only.

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  1. Yeah, that was unexpected, but very much appreciated. Lord knows, as busy as she is, she could be doing other things.
    That’s the mark of a champion!

    Thanks for reading!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It was a phenomenal show, still going strong after almost a year! The extended time was appreciated, more of Moore! She could have kept going, and we wouldn’t mind one bit. Ms Moore’s show made this pandemic so bearable. Love her to pieces! Kudos to you, Zoooooot!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Yes, I was just thinking about Easter rolling around and her reaching her 1-year anniversary. I’m so glad she’s decided to keep it going because we can’t get enough of her!

    Thanks for reading!

    Liked by 2 people

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