Luther Vandoss Music Mix (Vol 2)

Alright folks, here we go! I hope you enjoyed the 90-minute tribute to Luther Vandross that I posted on what would have been his 70th birthday.

[If you missed it, click here for the Luther Vandross (Ballad Mix) – Vol 1]

But you know what?

90 minutes ain’t enough!

Who’s ready for 90 more?

Let’s face it. He has too many awesome ballads that have caused us to turn the lights down low or all the way off (we ain’t gon’ talk about what y’all did, but I know many of these people in their 30s should be named “Luther”. I’m just sayin’.).

…and we haven’t even touched on the dance tunes.

Anyway, y’all didn’t come here to read my thoughts on it – you came to enjoy. So go on ‘head…

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Finally, don’t forget that these songs won’t be here long, so listen now!

If the link below doesn’t work, click here to be linked to the Soundcloud file.

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