10 Annoying Things You All Should Have Stopped Doing By Now (In 2022)

Well, here we are, at the beginning of the second month of the new year, but more than likely, the same old nonsense.

If you read my year-end post, you should know how I feel about 2022 and the need for change beyond that which benefits you and only you. However, it’s probably for the best that I cover these concerns point by point and in greater detail. So yes, I’m going to say a few things that you’ve heard/read before. I’m also listing this for those that haven’t read “Goodbye 2021. Will Twenty Twenty TOO Be More Of The Same?”

So let’s get to it, shall we? The first official listicle of the year:

10 Annoying Things You All Should Have Stopped Doing By Now (In 2022).

  1. Not taking the pandemic seriously.
    Sadly, my first three points revolve around COVID-19. First things first – it ain’t over! We’ve been at this for over a year, but as always, we’ve become complacent with the situation. The virus still transfers from person to person the same way. It still hospitalizes and worse, it still kills. The fact that many contract it and can walk away should not be a reason for you to dismiss the fact that it has reportedly taken over 5.6 million lives worldwide to date. I know they say that time heals all wounds, but in this case, the operative words are “preventive action”, “compliance” and “adherence”. And let’s not forget the latest craze: the Delta and Omicron variants…
  2. Forcing others to vaccinate.
    Yes, I said it. Stop forcing others to get vaccinated. As contradictory as this may sound to my first point, understand that I am not condoning OR supporting the “anti-vaxer philosophy” at all. I got vaccinated and I think everyone else should too. My entire family contracted the virus just weeks ago and I was the only one that didn’t get it. BECAUSE I GOT VACCINATED! That was proof enough for me. But I’m through trying to push it on people. It’s your life, to live out as you please. You know where to go to get vaccinations when/if you finally decide to do it. I care about everyone, but you all are grown-ass people, therefore I leave you to your own decisions and destinies.
  3. Endangering the lives of those who DID vaccinate and take other precautions.
    Did you really think I’d let you vaccine haters emerge unscathed? No, I’m about to rip into the you as well.

    No one has deprived you of your rights by telling you to wear a mask, stay home and keep your distance. We are ultimately trying to reduce/eliminate the spread and hopefully save lives! If that’s the rule, then abide by it or stay out.

    The reason we haven’t eradicated this virus is the same reason that the United States leads the world in cases and sadly, deaths. You all continue to live in general disbelief of the virus and/or its potency. Take this seriously and let’s win this silent battle. Oh yeah – if you haven’t been vaccinated, stop lying and purchasing/creating documents that indicate you have. That’s like telling a woman you had a vasectomy or that you “don’t have anything”, knowing damn well that you do, might or haven’t been tested for STDs.

    Stop calling others “sheep” and “naive” for choosing to get the vaccination. It has been proven to minimize the likelihood of acquiring the virus, as well as its potential damage.

    And my final point – If you cough in the face of someone, either trying to be defiant, threatening or just be funny, don’t get angry when your tooth count is less than it was when you woke up this morning. I’m not a violent person, but THAT response I DO condone.
  4. Allowing children to be disrespectful.
    Some of you may have problems with what I’m about to say, but it’s your responsibility to RAISE these children, not BEFRIEND them. A child has to learn patience, honesty, dignity, sacrifice, reverence, respect and the positive/negative consequences of personal choice, among other things. This cannot and will not happen as long as you allow them to have their way, allowing them to speak and act as they please. Especially when it comes to their elders. Talking back, lying, telling parents to “shut up”, stomping off in anger, slamming doors, yelling… Man, try that in my house or worse, my FATHER’S house.

    And this nonsense of teaching children to use offensive language is a recipe for disaster. It’s not cute and only leads to another level of disobedience when a disagreement occurs between parents and children.

    Finally, the first time that child raises a hand to his or her own mother you need to knock him or her the hell out. Yes, I said it. If you have a problem with that, stop reading. But know that your acceptance of this behavior is the same as approving and encouraging it.
  5. Arguing in public.
    Is it really necessary for you to display to the world that you two don’t get along? I’m a firm believer that if you and your significant other have issues, we don’t need to know it. My wife and I could be ready to kick each other down a flight of stairs, but no one is the wiser because any animosity between would be restricted to the confines of our home. For years, the kids didn’t even know that we ever even argued.

    My mother never challenged my father in front of us, but I’m quite sure she gave him an earful in the bedroom. That is, when they weren’t doing the other thing. You know, creating a need for us to seek therapy from all of those strange sounds. I’m quite sure that even though she was yelling “Oh Lord”, they weren’t having one-on-one prayer. But the one-on-one part… oh never mind.
  6. Blaming others for your personal failures.
    Take a second and point your finger at something. Seriously, do it right now. Now look at your hand. My father used to say that whenever you point a finger at someone, three fingers are pointing right back at YOU. More often than not, people choose to ignore the many warnings and offers of/for help. Then, when the walls come tumbling down, they ask why nobody told them, tried to stop them or offered assistance.

    And even if people AREN’T in a position to intervene, we still make excuses for the reasons we made a bad decision or action. It’s time to own up to your mistakes and be accountable. Be willing to accept criticism and advice and most important, be willing to make positive change as a result.

    Trust me, denial never looks good, especially when everyone knows that the fault lies in you.
  7. Driving like you’ve never received lessons.
    You know what? I’m going to lay part of the blame on the Department/Bureau of Motor Vehicles. I firmly believe that their system for written and performance tests sucks. It’s quite unsettling, thinking about the number of people who don’t know the rules of the road (e.g. when to go at a four-way stop, following distance, yielding in a roundabout, stopping for school buses, etc).

    And the veteran drivers? Oh my GOD! Running red lights has become the standard! Texting while driving. Sudden and dangerous lane changes. Wait. You know what? I’m going to stop there because it’s too much to talk about. Besides, I’ve written it before. Click here and a separate tab will open up for my detailed rant in “10 Road Rage Rationalizations”, which you can read later (and there is a sequel coming).

    If you ask me, these Driver’s License field tests should be much longer, with heavier weight in determining who advances to the actual driving test.

    I honestly feel like Canada got it right – you have to wait at least two years before you can become a fully licensed driver, after a series of tests.
  8. Using cyberspace as your hide-behind.
    Have you ever watched an “all out” brawl involving dozens of people? Ever notice that one hidden coward who throws a chair or some other dangerous object before receding back to safety, usually out of sight? Yeah, that’s cyberspace to me. People talk an unbelievable amount of trash in hopes of being noticed, if not just plain evil. I’ve talked about it before. Folks who will say the most hateful and insulting things, hiding behind the walls of anonymity, privacy and/or distance. Knowing damn well that if they were in person, they would keep their ignorant mouths shut.

    Well, here’s some exciting news. I’m running for president and if I win, I’m going to require that your name and address be attached to your social media account. Of course, it will remain hidden – that is, until you attack someone on the internet. By attacking, I mean sexual/racial harassment, body-shaming, callous insults, disrespect (particularly of women, children and elderly), threats of violence, etc. At that point, your home address will automatically appear on your account, as well as what time you get off work. The victim will also receive one free flight ticket, anywhere on this planet to pay you a visit and beat the living megabytes out of you. Ahhhh, wishful thinking.

    My second act will be a required grammar and spelling test before you can join social media sites. Crazy how the people who talk the most can be understood the least. Where was all of this effort in high school, in English class?
  9. Attacking people for doing their job.
    Jumping back to my frustration with our performance during this pandemic, here is an example of one of my greater pet peeves: The teenager behind the counter asks the customer, who just entered the store, to please don a mask before entering. Sometimes they ask when the customer is at the counter, ready to do business. In a fit of rage, the customer curses the employee out or worse, physically assaults him or her.

    People, people. What the hell is wrong with you? This person is DOING THEIR JOB! YOU are the one choosing to disobey the rules. And last time I checked, it’s the current mandate in public places.

    And it’s not just defiance of pandemic control methods. Why can’t you all return a product to a store without losing your mind at customer service? If you don’t have a receipt, that’s on YOU. You’ve known they’ve been required since you were born. Why is it all of a sudden, an issue? No receipt, no refund. Or you have to accept an exchange.

    Same thing goes for restaurant workers. Giving them fits for all kinds of stupidity (Click here to read “The Customer Is “NOT” Always Right” or “10 Annoying Things Customers Ask Or Do [Or Both]. See how my blogs come full circle?)

    Anyway, if someone is doing their job, leave them be. You all complain that fast food restaurants are closing early because they’re understaffed. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. Companies can’t keep people nowadays because employees feel that it’s not worth the grief or dangers of dealing with nimrods like YOU.
  10. Ignoring your health and the warning signals.
    Let’s bring it home with one that doesn’t hit close to home, it HIT home. My father knew something was wrong, but he neglected to tell anyone, for hours. Maybe days. Before long, he was rushed to the hospital, having suffered a stroke; the first of several.

    He was a proud man. I say was because multiple strokes are what eventually killed him. But his pride, to me, was a strong determining factor. He never asked for help, nor did he ever talk about any problems or personal concerns.

    Ok, I get that, the whole business of keeping people out of your business. But when it comes to your health, take it seriously! In my opinion, people (particularly members of the African American community) would rather ignore signs and symptoms, in hopes that the condition will eventually go away. That’s why, when we discover that we have conditions like cancer, high blood pressure and diabetes, it’s advanced to levels that make it harder to treat or manage.

    People, tell someone when something is wrong. You’re not being a hypochondriac for worrying about the little things, especially when you’re upwards in years. Take things seriously and stop ignoring the warnings. Learn the signs and share these things with your family so they will know as well. And definitely be fully descriptive when talking to a health care professional. They need to know EVERYTHING that’s going on so they can make a proper assessment and develop and appropriate treatment plan.

And that’s it for my 10 points. If you didn’t already agree with me before reading this, I hope you can at least understand why I say what I said. I mean it when I say that this world will never again be as it was before the COVID outbreak. That doesn’t mean that we can’t improve on our current standing.

It’s all up to you… …and you… …and you.

It’s always been up to us. And it always will be.

Starting with right now.

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